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// Jenelle Paris

In an industry where your eyes are one of your biggest assets, doing what’s best for them should be a necessity. I mean just think about it. As a lash artist, it’s near, if not completely, impossible to adhere lash extensions with your eyes closed. So do you ever? No, of course not. I’m exaggerating a little to make the important point that you don’t want to impair your eyes while they’re open either. Even though it seems like a no-brainer, too many lash artists choose to weaken their eyes by not wearing magnifying glasses, because, well, they think they “can see just fine” without them.

We had the pleasure of working with Dr. Jason Cavanaugh, an optometrist from CT while writing this blog to help us better understand why “just fine” really isn’t that good. Also, we learned why not wearing magnifying glasses negatively affects your clarity, comfort, accuracy, and overall performance as a lash artist on some level. As a side note, “just fine” is never the standard for anything great so why would “seeing just fine” be an exception? If you actually care about the quality of your vision and work, then you should wear magnifying glasses without question, although, we’re happy to clarify WHY.


“Your eyes are able to focus on objects at varying distances because the ciliary muscles are at work. They push and pull to make your lenses change shape, and in order to focus on objects close up, like lashes, your ciliary muscles must contract to thicken the lenses. Contracting your ciliary muscles for long periods of time will cause them to strain, because just like any other muscle in your body, the ciliary muscle fatigues from overwork. When and not if this happens, your vision fades and headaches can occur in your brow area.”

In addition, Dr. Cavanaugh told us something even more eye-opening!

“As you approach your late 30s and early 40s, your ciliary muscles stop working completely and the need for magnifying glasses becomes necessary, not optional, when trying to focus on small objects like eyelashes.”

Regardless of vision and age, it’s unavoidable that all lash artists focus for extended periods of time, so it’s inevitable that you will fatigue your eyes. Unless, of course, you’re exempt because you have superhuman ciliary muscles, but most likely that’s not the case. So, if you’re not wearing magnifying glasses, you’re impairing your focus. Wearing magnifying glasses prevents eye fatigue because the magnification provided by the outer lens helps relax your ciliary muscles thus reducing the strain on your eyes.

Eye Strain/Fatigue Signs & Symptoms:

  • Sore, tired, burning, itchy, irritated eyes
  • Dry or watery eyes
  • Blurred or double vision, difficulty focusing
  • Headache
  • Sore neck, back, and shoulders
  • Increased sensitivity to light

Even with 20/20 vision, I think we can agree there are limits to what the naked eye can see, and we should because it’s a scientific fact. Magnification glasses help us to extend our limits by bending light in a way our naked eyes simply cannot. Magnification glasses help us to view lashes at 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, and 3.5x larger than what is possible, and this makes working with tiny eyelashes incredibly easy. There’s a reason why doctors, dentists, biologists, jewelers, and even photographers, use magnification, and just like these professionals, lash artists perform a precise skill that requires extraordinary focus. 


  • As a lash artist, your job is to adhere tiny lash extensions to even tinier individual lashes to provide a natural or dramatic lash enhancement to your client’s eyes. Because magnifying glasses make lashes appear BIGGER than they actually are, isolation, adhesion, and your overall application become easier for obvious reasons. You can equate this to how much easier it is to read large print vs. small print or to hit a large target vs. a small one.
  • When it comes to wearing magnifying glasses and applying lash extensions, seeing bigger without a doubt makes you BETTER! Magnifying glasses give you the best possible view of your work area to create your best possible work. With heightened precision, you’re able to pick up on details your naked eyes just can't which allows the result of your intricate work to be as close to perfect as possible.
  • Applying eyelash extensions can be a lengthy process, and reduced visibility can slow you down even more as you struggle to see. Magnifying glasses essentially zoom in on your client’s lashes so less time is spent positioning your vision and body to focus properly. Because you spend more time applying lash extensions, you’ll automatically be more efficient and FASTER with your application time. Yay!
  • Again, using just your naked eyes to see while applying lash extensions will certainly strain your eyesight over extended periods of time. Magnifying glasses view lashes at a comfortable distance without tiresome strain. Maintaining sharp focus without effort prevents eye strain and bad posture. Not only does this help you work faster but you can work LONGER which ultimately increases your productivity.


  • Take eye breaks between clients. Give your eyes a break by forcing them to focus on something other than lashes. Try focusing on something at a long distance.
  • Relax your eyes and stretch your body throughout the day.
  • Massage your eyelids and muscles over your brow, temple, and upper cheek. Do this once or twice a day.
  • Blink often to refresh your eyes.
  • Wear Lash Affair Magnifying Glasses! Lash Affair Magnifying Glasses come with different lenses ranging in thickness and a LED light feature. Your body can block illumination from your primary light source, so the LED light is properly placed for optimal visibility. The angle of the lens is adjustable to obtain the best view of your client’s lashes. Lash Affair Magnifying Glasses are lightweight, come with an optional headband for a more secure fit, and are a great investment if you care about your overall eye health and performance as a lash artist. Get your pair of magnifying glasses now at

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