How To Grow Your Natural Eyelashes

// Meghan Krein

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It happens to the best of us — over time, our eyelashes fall out. Nothing to be ashamed of, and something you can totally combat. Taking the time to coach your clients on how to achieve longer, lusher lashes, will keep them coming back. It sounds counterintuitive since your business is based on selling and applying eyelash extensions but hear us out.

Healthy, full, long, natural lashes mean a stronger base and more lashes to lash! After all, the best environment for eyelash extension application is a healthy one. That’s why it’s important to share with your clients how the hair growth cycle works, as well as ways they can keep their lashes healthy for a beautiful, dramatic look with increased retention—it’s a win-win!


We know that longer and fuller lashes are better, but do you know how lashes actually grow? Understanding the lash growth cycle is vital for you as the artist, and is also intel clients want (and should) know. 

 The eyelash growth cycle consists of three phases: Anagen (growing), Catagen (dormant/transition) and Telogen (shedding). Approximately 10% of all the hairs on your body are in the Telogen phase at any given time and, on average, you’ll shed up to five eyelashes per day. Explaining to clients that this shedding is normal as each lash is in a different stage of the growth cycle helps prevent freakouts down the road. After the shedding, the cycle begins again — it can up to take six months to complete one cycle!

Overall, lashes have a lifespan of about three months.Generally, it takes between four and eight weeks for a new lash to fully grow. When all is said and done, eyelashes spend most of their time resting and falling out — not growing — so it’s important to protect the ones you’ve got!


We’ve been taught to wash make-up off before turning in for the night, but what exactly does that mean? How hard should we be scrubbing? In most cases, the harder you scrub, the cleaner things get. This is not the case with eyelashes — they are not your kitchen sink. Gentle is key, especially when washing off mascara.

Clean gently: Using a water-based makeup remover is recommended. Lash Affair’s 3-in-1 TLC Cleanser is great for cleansing both natural lashes and eyelash extensions, as well as removing makeup. Inform clients (or better yet show them!) how to softly massage the cleanser onto the eyelashes with an eyelash brush or the tips of their fingers, and then how to rinse off and blot dry. Advise clients not to put too much muscle into it. If there are eyelashes on the swab, you’re working too hard.

Step away from the eyelash curler: Curling eyelashes can wreak havoc on natural lashes. Tug too hard and you lose a few. Another reason to advocate for extensions — no curling required.

Apply a growth serum: Lash Affair offers a lash and brow growth serum filled with vitamins and peptides that work to deliver nutrients straight to the lash. It's also designed to send a message to hairs that are getting ready to shed, “Hey little buddies, stay put a little bit longer!”

Eat a healthy diet: If a client’s hair—not just eyelashes—is falling out or appears dull, a deficient diet could be the culprit. Hair needs plenty of fatty acids and protein to flourish. Salmon, edamame, beans, flaxseeds and walnuts are all great suggestions.

Brew some tea: Green tea is an anti-inflammatory that soothes puffy eyes. The tea also improves blood circulation, which enhances the health of follicles and ensures nutrients get to the lash line. So drink up or apply the brewed (and cooled-off) tea directly on the lash line.

Eyelashes are a game changer in making or breaking a look, so it’s important to let clients know you’re as invested in them as they are. Sharing these inside tips with your clients will help to gain their trust and keep their business. When clients know you understand your product and aren’t just trying to make a sale, they’ll understand you have their best interest in mind and continue to book appointments.

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