Classic Eyelash Extension Certification Classes

The art of Classic Lash Application starts with a foundational understanding of eye health and anatomy. Once that foundation is established Lash Affair builds upon it, bringing you the latest in lash styling/ mapping, tweezer selection, adhesive 101, proper lash isolation, lash application, creating the perfect bond between the natural lash and the extension and more. Each training is a full 2 days, day one consisting of theory and day two a full day of hands on practice applying lashes to live models. The Lash Diary is Lash Affair's exclusive training manual with 140 full color pages, filled with expert lashing information and you get to take it home to reference after the class is over.
Lash Affair has selected trainers that have built a career around lashing. They are business owners and professionals who have undergone many lash trainings to build their skill and knowledge which they look forward to delivering that education to you!