• Luxury Mixed Brown Lash Extensions

    Luxury Mixed Brown Lash Extensions


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    These mixed brown lashes are amazing for highlighting green eyes by mixing them with your lash set. You can do a full set of these lashes on blondes who don't want a dark lash line from traditional black lash extensions. Our luxury collection is hand-rolled and has a very soft feel that blends seamlessly with the natural lashes. 

    • 8-13mm mixed tray
    • 16 rows per tray
    • Sterilized PBT material
    • Semi-gloss with a slight taper
    • Double heated for curl retention
    • Dark brown & medium brown blended together in one easy strip
    • Available in Classic .15 and Volume .07
    Intended for lash extension professionals only

    Color: Brown
    Curl: C
    Tray Type: Mixed Length Trays
    Length: 8-13mm

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