Adhesive 101 Course
Adhesive 101 Course

Adhesive 101 Course

Ready to perfect your techniques as a lash artist? Let's go back to the fundamentals. 

Adhesive troubles? Want to avoid a sticky situation? We got you! We’re helping elevate the lash industry by breaking down the basics of the main product artists work with everyday - adhesive. Our Adhesive 101 Course provides all the information you need to recognize and avoid hazards that can be encountered during the use of professional eyelash extension adhesive, as well as to educate on the proper use, terms and environmental factors surrounding its use.  This is the perfect beginners course or refresher to better understand how to use your adhesive properly to maximize retention and keep you + your clients safe, always. 

Yup - you heard right. It’s time to invest in you, babe.


6 Modules of Online Curriculum
- Module 1 - Adhesive Ingredients
- Module 2 - Safety Concerns
- Module 3 - Using Your Adhesive
- Module 4 - Temperature + Humidity
- Module 5 - Adhesive Accessories
- Module 6 - Adhesive Terms

Lash Affair Adhesive 101 Course Certification

90+ hours of support per week

P.S. All Lash Affair course payments are non-refundable - you’re sticking with us, babe.


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