Do You Have To Be Licensed To Become A Lash Artist

Licensure + Certification: What’s the Difference?

Licenses are typically given under the authority of a governing body, such as the State Board of Cosmetology. The most common licenses in the beauty industry are Cosmetology, Esthetics, Barbering, Massage Therapy and Nail Technician. Some less common licenses available in certain states include Hair Braiding, Eyelash Extension, and Electrologist. Cosmetology is typically the most comprehensive license because it requires the most hours to complete. Services performed by an esthetician or nail technician are covered under the Cosmetology license as well. If eyelash extensions are regulated in your area, you will be able to view all requirements of licensure on the governing bodies website. You can find this information by doing a web-search such as, “lash extension laws in enter state name” 
Certification on the other hand is given upon meeting the standards of a private company, individual, or agency, such as Lash Affair. A certificate will not give you freedom to legally perform a service in your area if a license is required by a governing body to do that service.

Liability of Services

When you get your education from an accredited beauty school, not only will you learn foundational knowledge, you will also learn safety practices. Without proper disinfection and sanitization training, disease can spread and cause an outbreak among your clientele. You can take a certification course from a private company or individual without having a license, depending on the requirements of the agency you are seeking to get certified by. But, if the service you are providing falls under the authority of a governing board, you could be held liable for any accidents, injuries, or disease that occur during, or as a result of, your service if you are unlicensed.

To not be held personally liable for such misfortunes, you will need to have liability insurance for your business. Most likely, you will need a business license to get liability insurance and you can’t get a business license for a salon without a professional license from the State Board of Cosmetology.

State by State

All regulations vary state by state and country by country. In Canada, for example, lash extension services are not regulated. While in California, the regulations for beauty services, including lash extensions, are very strict. Search online for the laws and requirements in your area. Getting your education for licensure can be pricey so make sure to do your research on accredited schools that offer government financial assistance programs, such as the FAFSA. 

Be Ahead of the Curve

Lash Affair, among others, are working on fighting for more regulations in the lash industry. With the increasing popularity of the service in the beauty industry, stricter regulations on lash extensions are sure to follow. If you don’t have your Cosmetology or Esthetics license yet, consider getting it so you can be one step ahead of the regulations. 

Lash Affair offers certification courses in Lash Extensions to anyone interested without the need to prove licensure. We want to make sure that quality education is accessible. If someone is going to make the decision to practice lash extensions without a license, Lash Affair wants to provide instruction on safe and proper application of lashes to prevent natural lash damage and unsanitary practices. It’s up to you as an individual to decide to take the risk of being unlicensed while performing regulated services. This blog is meant to be educational in nature and in no way is promoting the performance of lash services without a license. Lash Affair believes that an esthetics, cosmetology, or eyelash extension specialist license is the best way to ensure the professional image of lash services among clients and to keep the bar raised high. 

If you have additional questions on regulations, contact your local State Board of Cosmetology. If you have questions about Lash Affair’s online and in-person courses, please contact us at


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