Lash Affair Mission

The mission of Lash Affair is to change stories. We are different. Because you are too. We feel pride in redefining your expectations as a globally recognized eyelash extension brand for over 6 years, focusing on all aspects from exclusive education to luxurious supplies. We create memories for you. By helping you to move the bar. By shifting your attitude.

We are a women-led company empowering other women to fearlessly take ownership of their story. We provide support artists need to be successful, in any stage of their career, through quality education. We’re fueled by helping artists achieve independence through their career and knowing the impact their services have on clients transformation.

Now we unleash a new level of lash services starting with our flagship studio in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, which opened its doors in June 2020. The Lash Affair artists will blow your mind with their dedication to expanding their artistry and staying ahead of the industry. These attributes help them create eyelash extensions that are stunning, comfortable, long-lasting, and the best quality you can find. Dare to change your story.