If you’re going to hang with us, you need to know how to talk lashes n brows. Ready to learn the lingo? We’ve got the glossary with all the lash extension terms for you!

ADHESIVE | aka Glue. Used to adhere extensions to natural lash. Made of Cyanoacrylate .

ADHESIVE PLATFORM/SHIELD | Surface to put Adhesive on.

ADHESIVE RING | Disposable surface to put Adhesive on.

BLEPHARITIS | Eye infection caused by poor eye hygiene. Dry flaky skin around lids.

BLOOMING | White frost on adhesive when cured(water introduced) too fast.

BOND | Adhesive aka glue.

CAPPING | Technique of adding another thinner lash extension to a classic lash.

CLASSIC TECHNIQUE | Technique of 1.1 with .12 , .15, and .18 diameter lash extensions.

CLEAR CONNECTION | Clear Lash Adhesive with no carbon black.

COUTURE COLLECTION | L/A premium Lash Collection with foil backing paper.

CURING | To change the physical properties of an adhesive by condensation, polymerization.

CURL | Shape/bend of the lash extension.

CRYSTALIZING | Technique used to cure adhesive.

CYANOACRYLATE | An acrylic resin that rapidly polymerizes in the presence of water.

DOUBLE DATE | Tweezers used for classic and volume.

DOUBLE HANDED ISOLATION | Using both hands to isolate 1 natural lash.

DIAMETER | Thickness of an extension.

ELLIPSE/FLAT | Lash extensions made from a flattened PBT to appear thicker.

EXOTHERMIC REACTION | Heat reaction when adhesive comes into contact with cotton fibers

FAN | Term for a cluster of volume lashes.

FIRST IMPRESSION | Primer used for oily skin clients to prep natural lashes.

FLOCKET FOOT APPLICATOR | Disposable applicator used for cleaning, priming, or removal.

FORMALDEHYDE | A volatile organic compound (VOC); a colorless gas with a very strong odor

GEL PADS | Eye patches to hold bottom lashes down during application.

GLUE | aka Adhesive (see Adhesive)

HUMIDIFY/DEHUMIDIFY | Process of adding or reducing humidity to the treatment room.

HUMIDITY | The amount of water vapor in the air. Humidity cures Adhesive.

HYGROMETER | Product used to determine the amount of water vapor in the air.

INFATUATED | Sensitive Adhesive.

ISOLATION | Process of separating out one natural lash in between the tweezers.

JADE STONE | Adhesive surface that stays cool.

JADE STONE COVER | Disposable Adhesive surface.

LASH ARTIST | Stylist who applies Lash Extensions.

LASH EXTENSION | Synthetic lash applied to extend/thicken natural lashes made from PBT.

LASH MAP | Guides/Maps used to design specific styles for clients

LASH MIRROR | Dental mirror used to check symmetry and if eyes open during application.

LOVE POTION | Thicker Adhesive with carbon black.

LOVE SHACK | Vacuum sealed adhesive storage.

LUXURY COLLECTION | Original L/A Collection of lash extensions .

MAIN SQUEEZE | Tweezers used for classic and volume.

MAPPING | Technique for planning your application/style.

MENAGE A TROIS | Lashes with 3 lengths in 1 strip ( 9,11,13mm)

MICRO TIP SWABS | Disposable mini brushes for cleansing, priming, and removal.

MINK | Industry buzzword usually referring to Matte lashes.

MIXED TRAY | Tray of lashes with multiple lengths

NANO MISTER | Product that mists water to cure lash adhesive.

PBT | Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) is a high performance engineering polymer

PERFECT FIT | Tweezers used for volume lashes.

P.O.A. | Point of Accentuation. Used to measure eye area.

POLYMERIZING | Chemical reaction in which molecules of a monomer are linked to form large molecules.

PREMADES | Volume fans of multiple lash extensions produced by lash suppliers.

PROMADES | Volume fans of multiple lash extensions handcrafted by lash artists.

PRECISELY RIGHT | Tweezers used for classic and volume.

PRIMER/PRIMING | Alcohol based solution used to prep the natural lashes.

RETENTION | Term used to describe how long the lash extensions lasted.

SHOCK POLYMERIZING | aka blooming. When adhesive cures too fast.

SEPARATION | Process of checking the extensions to ensure non are sticking together.

SINGLE TRAY | Tray of lashes with one length.

SIZE MATTERS | Isolation Tweezers with a measuring tool.

SILK | Industry buzzword usually referring to shiney lashes

SWEET SPOT | Tweezers used for volume.

TAPING | Method used to tape back the eye skin to expose natural lashes.

THE BREAKUP | Product used to dissolve Adhesive and remove lash extensions.

THE LASH PALETTE | Organizer for Lash Artists

THE ONE | Adhesive with carbon black.

TLC | Foaming Cleanser to prep lashes for application and retail.

TWEEZERS | Tools used to apply lash extensions.

VAPOR/FUMES | Byproduct of Adhesive.

VISCOSITY | Used to describe the thickness/consistency of Adhesive.

VOLUME TECHNIQUE | Technique of 1.1 with .03 , .05, 0.7 and .10 diameter lash extensions.