How the Eyelash Extension Industry Has Boomed

If you are a lash student or lash artist who is considering opening up your own shop, you may understandably be wondering if the lash industry will continue to take off, or if it will peter out and you will be left with a lackluster investment.

Fortunately, as the Magic 8-Ball would say, when it comes to if the eyelash extension industry is booming, "all signs point to yes.”

In fact, in a recent ABC News Report that looks at how false eyelashes have become an everyday accessory, the market is found to not only be growing, it is projected to reach a whopping $1.5 billion in the next five years in product alone. Thanks to the ability to customize a look for each customer, many eyelash companies and lashpreneurs can stock a variety of types of eyelashes. The procedure has become so common, the article notes, that many women feel like it’s the same as going to get your hair done — in other words, a typical appointment that women fit into their everyday lives.

A Picture of the Average Lashpreneur

An infographic appropriately titled “A Beautiful Lash Life” backs up the ABC News Report’s findings that eyelash extensions are a thriving industry. As the infographic notes, 75 percent of lash artists earn up to $50,000 a year, and 25 percent have worked in the industry for five or more years. A whopping 80 percent of lash experts surveyed responded that they are either satisfied or very satisfied with their careers, and 63 percent are earning the income that they expected. 

Almost half of the respondents apply 11 or more sets of eyelashes each week and 42 percent charge between $61 and $120 for a full set of lashes. What this highly informative infographic does is paint a positive picture of the businesses that the men and women who are applying extensions professionally are experiencing. While they also report some challenges like how to attract new customers and managing their clients’ aftercare, the overall work experience is highly positive and lucrative. 


According to research, eyelash care is taking the market by storm. notes that the number of professional eyelash services grew by 14 percent in 2017, with a sales increase of 15 percent in the second quarter of that year. They predict that the eyelash care market will continue to experience this type of strong growth. In addition, an eyelash studio franchise was able to expand in 2017, and now has over 170 new outlets in the United States. The number of independent eyelash studios has also steadily grown over the past year.


If you are curious if this booming trend in the eyelash industry will continue over the next several years, research indicates that this is definitely the case. Market Research Future published a False Eyelashes Market Research Report that looks at the industry as a whole, including products, and offers encouraging statistics pertaining to the rate at which it is growing. Looking at worldwide data, North America was projected to have the maximum market share of 36.78 percent, with the production of hand-made eyelashes expected to experience the fastest growth rate between now and 2023. In addition, the United States accounted for the major market share during the forecast period of 2017-2023.

Eyelash Extension Industry: Healthy and Thriving

As someone who is considering entering the exciting field of lash extension work, it is highly reassuring to know that your chosen line of work is booming, with no indication of slowing down. To be as knowledgeable as possible about your upcoming line of work, it is important to stay abreast of current research and trends, as are outlined in the aforementioned articles. Also, find a lash class near you to get started in the lash industry and ride the wave of success in your new career — check out for info on lash certification.

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