Student Spotlight: Lani Amuse

Meet Lani Amuse of La Muse Beauty Studio in Phoenix, AZ. She graduated from Lash Affair's Classic Lash Certification in September of 2017 and developed an immediate love of lashing! Lani began renting space where she lashes full-time only a month after her certification and is continuing to grow her skills and business into the new year. We met with her to gain insight into her perspective on what success can look like for a recent graduate and what advice she has for others seeking to get certified in lash extensions. 

How did you hear about Lash Affair Academy and why did you choose them for training? 

After a lot of online research, I had my eye on a couple of companies. I was looking for a reputable company that would support me in my new career path. I heard a ton of great product reviews from fellow aestheticians about Lash Affair, and I knew that it was the right company to choose.

What was your favorite part of the training? 

My favorite part of the Lash Affair Training was having every single one of my questions answered and feeling like I was never alone in this new venture. I loved that it was a full two days of hands-on lash training and that I was able to bring two models in on the second day for practical eyelash application. I felt like a new woman leaving that class! Not only did I feel confident in my new skills, I felt confident in my ability to launch my new business.

Do you feel the class equipped you to address client questions confidently? 

The class had so much information, and anything that I did not learn in the class is always at my fingertips with the Lash Diary. I’m extra organized, so I color coded and tabbed my manual which has made it super easy to find the answers I’m looking for quickly. I keep it with me at all times; it’s almost as good as having your instructor right next to you.

Lani uses colored tabs to easily access tips in her manual

Were you satisfied with the product kit you received in class? 

I got the largest one, the Deluxe Lash Kit, and I really feel that it was worth it. I LOVE my Lash Affair Tweezers! I also love the Lash Palette™ as it perfectly organizes my supplies for quick reach during lash appointments; it's so wonderful! My set up and clean up is much easier because of it.

What were 3 huge takeaways from your class? 

First, I learned how tedious doing lashes really is, and how much patience and dedication it will take to master it. 

Second, I learned how important it is to have a fantastic group of business women, to support each other and grow with you. So happy to have that with the Lash Affair team. 

And third, I learned the difference between Lash Affair products, such as lash extensions, adhesives, and tweezers, and the products I’ve seen elsewhere. It's so important to know the quality of your lash artist tools. I trust the Lash Affair products that I use with my life... or at least with my business!

Why do you believe it is essential to go through live training with a reputable company versus learning online or through an individual? 

I don’t think I could have learned all that I did in 2 days if the class was online. And if it was through an individual I might have learned the hands-on, but I wouldn’t have that lifelong connection to this company that makes me feel like I am never alone, while still maintaining my independence. These are the things that I weighed out in making my lash education choice, and I have no regrets with the decision that I made. Kendra, my instructor, really made all the difference in my training, and I am so grateful for her continued support and friendship on this new journey. 

Has that ongoing support made a big difference for you? 

Absolutely! Knowing that my instructor, or any of the Lash Affair staff, are there to answer a quick text question or a lengthy email has been great. Even though I’m in business for myself, I never feel alone. I made the right choice in choosing Lash Affair, and I’m so grateful to be a part of this family. The training I received was worth every penny.

Lani works on a client at her space in Phoenix, AZ

What has lash life looked like post certification? 

Lashes have allowed me to move up in my career. I no longer work for someone else. My days, my paychecks, now look exactly how I wanted them to look and it’s only getting better from here.

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