Invest in Your Future: Top 4 Reasons to Take a Lash Class

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So you've read 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Lash Artist and you are wondering if lash extensions is a viable industry to get into? The answer is a resounding "yes!" Being a lash artist is a glamorous and rewarding career — after all, you get to help people feel beautiful while practicing a creative, finely honed craft. It's exciting.


There are several other excellent reasons to take a lash extension course, too. Let's look at some.


1 | No One is Born Great 

Lash artistry takes practice and lots of it. Taking a class ensures you get the direction, expertise and practice hours you need to become a great lash artist. Your goal is to be outstanding, right? Of course it is. Anyone who excels at anything learned from the experts who went before them.

You simply can't get the same hands-on care and attention you get in a lash extension course from watching video tutorials on YouTube. Give yourself every opportunity to be fabulous at this.



2 | There's Real Marketing Value 

Think about it, who would you rather have apply your lash extensions— someone who claims to be self-taught, or someone who enrolled in and graduated from a reputable course taught by trained professionals? The answer is obvious. When you graduate from a recognized course, you get bragging rights; you get to advertise that fact when marketing your business. The power and brand recognition of a trusted lash company backs you up, and that's an excellent selling point in attracting new clients.


3 | Professional Development 

A course will take you from lash novice to lash professional, and there's simply no substitute for in-person instruction from a pro. You'll learn about the latest techniques and products, including how to apply and remove lashes, proper hygiene, and client safety. Ultimately, you'll save more time by receiving pinpointed and useful information when you take a class from a company that's produced great talent, rather than learning on your own.


4 | Make Invaluable Contacts

If you ask any lash artist, they'll tell you that making both friends and professional contacts was a major benefit to taking a class. Being a lash artist can be a lonely career, especially if you work independently. When you take a class, you get to bond with other like-minded students with the same career goals you have. Many of these people will go on to be close friends as well as invaluable business contacts. We know of several who have even gone into business together, referred each other, and shared salon space. At Lash Affair, our trainers value their students, and the students receive their trainers' personal contact information for ongoing support and insight.


5 | Boost your bottom line 

Lash artistry is a fun and flexible career, but ultimately, you want to make money, right? That's where all four of the above points are leading to. Taking a lash extension course from Lash Affair Academy makes all of the above possible, so you can earn a healthy living doing what you love. Find a class near you and kick off a beautiful career in the lash industry today — we even have scholarships available!


Find a Lash Affair Lash Extension Certification Course near you.


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