Your Lash Journey | Managing Your Expectations | Part 1

So you wanna be a lash artist, huh?



Well, I would love it if I could tell you that it's super easy, but, unfortunately, if I told you that, I would be a liar. Becoming a great lash artist takes guts and determination. It's a long, sometimes bumpy road, but the destination is worth the journey. 

In this first blog of a 2-part series, we will go into detail of how much you will need to invest to become a lash artist and what you will get in return for that investment. 

First, let's talk goals. Lofty goals are great to have as they push you to make progress in your life and career, but managing those goals with the proper amount of expectations will help you avoid many disappointments down the road. Check out the video at the end of this blog to help you as you set goals for your future. 

The path to becoming a great lash artist requires time, practice, and dedication, in addition to some dough. 

-the investment-

To be a lash artist in most states, you will need an esthetician or cosmetology license which will require about a year of schooling and approx. 10k in tuition. The tuition cost can be offset by student loans and payment plans, so no need to be scared of such a big number. In comparison, students trying to earn a Bachelor's Degree can expect to pay 30k per year on average for their education. After you’ve acquired your license, you will need to get an Eyelash Extension Classic Certification from a reputable company. The cost of certification ranges from $600 - $2400.  But like anything; you get what you pay for. With so many options for training out there, it can get overwhelming finding the right fit. You will want to follow some basic guidelines to help you along the way.

1| Who is the trainer?

Always ask who the trainer will be and find them on social media. Do as much research on this person as possible. You can tell a lot about what you're getting into, just by some simple surfing on Facebook and Instagram. For example, if you search Instagram using #lashtraining, it will condense recent posts where that hashtag has been used. Keep an eye out for trainers who promote their students, as this is great for your exposure, and check the comment section for positive comments. If a company is hesitant about giving you the information to research the trainer, you may want to reconsider.

2| will you receive benefits after your training?

Inquire about ongoing mentorship and refresher courses. Your lash journey will take a minimum of 3-6 months of solid practice before you become proficient at applying eyelash extensions. You are going to need the ongoing support of your instructors to make the most of your education. Some companies even offer free refresher courses to their past graduates. 

3| What is their reputation?

Find reviews from past students. You can ask the company directly, but you can also use the company hashtags or look at posts they've been tagged in to find artists that use their product and ask how their experience has been. Have they taken their training? Why or why not? 

4| What are they teaching?

Inquire about their curriculum.  Do the State Boards accredit their material? Is there a hardcover copy that will hold up over the next year of learning? Ask to see a 10-page sample of their manual to get an idea of what they are going to teach you and how well it's articulated. If they don’t have a manual or if they won't give you a free preview then proceed with caution.

5| Follow your Idols

Is there someone who is producing work that you admire? Private message them on Instagram or Facebook, and see who they've trained with or what companies they recommend. Most lash artists are very open and excited to help those just starting out on their lash journey. But don't just blindly follow, make sure to research their suggestions using the points above

See the iconic work of Krystal @lashchronicles on IG!

-the Return-

1| Money

Beyond the license and certification, you will gain the knowledge for a sound and lucrative career. On average, your daily earning potential can be anywhere from $250 - $800. Yes, you read that right, you will be setting yourself up to make a HEALTHY living doing lashes.

2| Freedom

With your certification, you will have more options to choose from as you go out into the field looking for work. You will become more valuable to employers, as they will see that you've made additional investments in yourself, above and beyond, the legal requirements. Or if owning your own business is something you're interested in, you will be able to offer more services, therefore attracting a wider range of clients to your business. 

3| credibility

Your education will make you more trustworthy to clients because you can showcase the certifications you've earned. Many clients don't understand the complexity of the eyelash extension application process, so this is where you can set yourself apart from the uneducated artists and give your client a taste of what you know. Clients will be impressed with your knowledge and the individual care you give to them and their lashes.

4| respect

Your education will show in your work and will develop your following on social media platforms. Other artists will acknowledge your work and be more willing to help or comment when they know you that you are as passionate as they are. You can show your passion to other artists by investing in your education and earning certifications. 

5| DOubt

After you are certified, you may experience a little intimidation as you start to get more involved in the vastness of the lash extension world. You may feel like giving up at times. You may find yourself comparing your work to the work of others. You may be overwhelmed by the flooding of new information and may doubt who you should listen to. But don't give up! Like I said in the beginning, it's going to be difficult, but it's worth it!


Check out this video for more inspiration as you start your lash journey. Then join us next month for Part 2 of this series, where we will cover your career options once you’ve learned the art of lashing. 

Paul Paris
COO | Zoe’s Treat Dispenser | CrossFit Athlete | Spreadsheet Nerd

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