3 Beauty & Makeup Moguls All Lash Artists Must Know

The beauty industry is ever-evolving with its fast makeup trends and cosmetic innovation. In an industry also transformed by makeup empires like Rhianna’s Fenty Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics and Huda Beauty, building a personal brand and developing products can seem like the ultimate dream career come true. So how can beauty creatives and lashpreneurs reach success as a beauty influencer?

The following spotlights three makeup moguls who had to seize opportunities and find their “it factor” to build their brands and make their mark on the industry. If you’re cosmetic-obsessed and business-driven, check out the inspirational stories below for cues on how you can follow in their footsteps.

Pat McGrath – “The most influential makeup artist in the world.” – Anna Wintour

In a multi-billion-dollar international beauty industry, makeup innovator and artist Pat McGrath reigns as a global makeup maven and cosmetic trailblazer. Since she emerged onto the fashion scene in the 1990s, McGrath discovered herself thrown among the industry’s royalty — evolving into a makeup mastermind behind luxury cosmetic brands, runway shows, ad campaigns, and Vogue editorial spreads.

Over two decades of transforming fashion and beauty, the beauty mogul launched Pat McGrath Labs in 2015 to design inclusive products for all skin types. McGrath, working in an industry with few black makeup artists, was inspired by personal experience. 

 According to The Guardian’s “Why 2017 was the Year of the Beauty Mogul,” she and her mother couldn’t find suitable makeup for black women in the UK. By summer 2018, Pat McGrath Labs was valued at over $1 billion, reported Women’s Wear Daily.

McGrath tells InStyle that her tagline “Use Without Caution” represents her vision to empower women to be fearless and daring with their makeup — to be without any aesthetic constraint for the most extraordinary results. In the golden age of makeup, the beauty mogul declares Pat McGrath Labs to be her Golden Revolution.

As you look to the future, reflect on your goals and search for what’s most meaningful to you. How can you apply personal meaning and experience to your services and products?  

Daniel Chinchilla – Makeup Artist for Superstar Ariana Grande

If you’re the makeup artist behind the beauty of “Thank You Next” singer Ariana Grande, then you’re officially among the inner circuit of Hollywood's glam scene. Daniel Chinchilla is a celebrity makeup artist with features in major publications like InStyle, Allure, Women’s Health and Cosmopolitan, along with appearances on national TV shows like TLC’s “Get Your Face On”, WeTV’s “My Fair Wedding” and FOX’s “Mobbed.” In addition to being Grande’s makeup artist, the beauty expert/hairstylist leverages his Twitter and Instagram for connecting to women everywhere and simply, being real.

  As a YouTube personality, Chinchilla posts makeup tutorials and reviews, such as his fun videos on the Slime Highlighter and Urban Decay Heavy Metal Makeup, that receive hundreds of views on his page. His Instagram is also a vibrant beauty playground where followers can get an insider’s BFF look at his makeup masterpieces and daily musings on life. What does it take to work with A-listers like Ariana Grande? Grab a glass of wine, tap follow, scroll and tune in to see.

Charlotte Tilbury – “Makeup is powerful—it’s every woman's secret weapon.”

Beauty entrepreneur and British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury was forever changed by the power of makeup when she first tried mascara at age 13. It was her secret weapon that ignited her with the confidence to not only put her best face forward in life, but pursue a journey of glitz and glam. Her lifelong experience runs the gamut, from creating campaign looks for world-renowned designers to working as a show makeup director for luxury brands. In an interview with Byrdie.com, Tilbury shares how her road to success wasn’t an easy one. Her beauty career started with doing makeovers on friends and training at the Glauca Rossi School of Makeup. From there, it took hard work to break out into the industry. It wasn’t until Tilbury joined forces with genius photographers to create her signature “anti-grunge” and glossy look.

After working on shoots and creating looks for stars like Kate Moss and Jennifer Lopez, Tilbury stepped out on her own to launch a makeup and skincare collection — inspired by the power of how makeup can transform any woman into a ravishing red carpet-ready beauty. Her advice to those who want to make it big: “You have to have an incredible work ethic, self-belief, and determination.”

An Iconic Trio in the Beauty Industry

One of the most fascinating aspects of the beauty and fashion industry is the diversity of the creators who define it. The Pat McGrath Lab crafts exquisite palettes that represent McGrath’s personal mantra of obsession, inspiration, and addiction; whereas Daniel Chinchilla capitalizes on his fun-loving personality and approachability that he lovingly shares with the world on social media, where followers become friends. Meanwhile, Charlotte Tilbury turned entrepreneur, starting her own company with a mission to help all women become the best version of themselves and conquer the world.

InstaGRAM Can Help You GROW

One thing you have in common with McGrath, Chinchilla, and Tilbury is access to social media — a universal tool for promoting your brand, sharing your passion and helping others live like glam goddesses every day. Tilbury calls social media king, and Instagram is her favorite channel for creatively and visually sharing her world. Use stories, videos, photos and hashtags for consumer engagement, brand expression, behind-the-scenes access, lash advice and aesthetic inspiration. Lash Affair COO, Paul Paris, offers his own tips and tricks for elevating your Instagram game that you can’t miss. Happy posting!

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