4 Critical Points to Add to Your Consent Form

Consent forms act as an authorization from your client to perform lash services and are therefore a critical part of protecting yourself and your business as a lash artist. Now you may be thinking to yourself, what exactly should I include in a consent form? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. This article will outline the four most important points to include in your consent form to protect yourself against a potentially bad client experience.

1. Request Permission to Share Photos

Since you are requesting permission to share your clients’ photos, your consent form should be as client-friendly and easy to understand as possible to avoid any confusion. First, be sure to clearly outline the who, what, how and why of your consent form. 

Who will disclose and receive the client's photos

What photos will be shared

How the client's photos will be shared

Why the client's photo is being shared (i.e. promotional content, social media, etc.)

It is extremely important to be specific and transparent with your client so that there are no questions or doubts later. Be sure to include when you plan to share or post the clients' pictures on Instagram or any other social media platforms. This content form will ensure that your client is aware and comfortable with their photos being shared on the Internet.

2. Include Specific Terms and Conditions

Be sure to include specific terms and conditions in your consent form to cover all of your bases. Your terms and conditions section should include the following: your cancellation policy, late policy, and refund policy. These are types of clearly laid out policies will protect you and your business if a client no-shows or demands a refund days after their appointment for being "unhappy" with their lash services. Having clear terms and conditions that have been agreed upon will help avoid any confusion from he said, she said. 

3. Keep the Form Readable

Consent forms should be short and sweet. Condense your consent forms down to one page or shorter. In addition, you should always use bolded subheads to break up the text and use numbered lists. This is to ensure that your client thoroughly reads and understands what they are signing.

4. Use DocuSign or Another Electronic Signature Format

Electronic documentation is usually the most efficient way to present your consent form. It is faster, more convenient, and you can send this via email to your client before their appointment. DocuSign and HelloSign are popular E-signing platforms, but there are several other booking systems out there that already include the option for consent forms. For example, with SignNow you can manage client appointments, reminders, payments and consent forms all in one place. Acuity Scheduling is another similar booking system that allows your clients to fill out a consultation form and agree to terms all while booking their appointment. This type of convenience and efficiency is crucial for building trust and maintaining client expectations.


Remember consent forms don't just allow lash artists to get the client's okay on extension application, they also serve to protect you from the client's allergic reactions or other complications. Additionally, consent forms can also serve as a great marketing tool for you and your lash business. They allow you to use before and after photos and market them on social media. For more information on the client before and after photos, check out How to Achieve Perfect Before and After Photos. Besides your lash work itself, consent forms are one of the most important parts of a positive client experience.

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