5 Reasons to Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows provide visitors with a wide-ranging overview of an entire market or industry in as little as a weekend. They bring together buyers and sellers in one place for a short period of time where buyers have the opportunity to evaluate different companies and what they have to offer. You can compare them, attend demonstrations and ask detailed questions. Take advantage of the benefits these shows have to offer. Here are five reasons why every lash artist should attend trade shows.

1. Keep up on the industry

When attending or participating in trade shows one of the most important things you will gain is a knowledge of the latest developments within the beauty industry. Trade shows are designed for companies to come together to display and reveal their newest and best products. During this time you have the opportunity to touch and feel the different products, which is a different experience you'll receive than seeing an image of a product on your screen. There are master artists that perform demos of eyelash application, and you also have the opportunity to get your eyelashes done at some of the booths available. At the Lash Affair booth, our trainers and brand ambassadors demo eyelash application where you can watch them do their work, or you can head to the tester station to touch and feel our latest love interests! If you need more information or have any questions regarding eyelashes, these trade shows are a great place to learn more and get answers. You will also get the chance to see how these different companies compare to one another. 

2. Networking

Over the last five years, the eyelash industry has expanded, and there are many different eyelash companies offering products and training. But how do you choose the right one? Trade shows give you the opportunity to network with different companies. Don't be afraid to walk around and interact with people during the time that you are at these shows, get to know the people behind the company and ask them questions. Getting to know a companies values and vibe can help you decide which company deserves your business. It is essential to make sure that you are connecting with other people in the industry and you're making yourself known. You never know who you will meet, and that can be the most exciting part! 

3. Getting Deals 

Another great reason to go to trade shows are the great deals you can get! Many companies are coming overseas to the bigger shows like IBS Las Vegas. During the last day of the show, some companies don't want to carry all of their products back overseas and usually, they discount their products significantly. During this time you can stock up on skincare, receive trade show only deals, and purchase items in bundles. Lash Affair offers trade show deals on buying 10-trays or more or buying certain bundles put together with lash products we love! If you want to try different products or new lines of products and don't want to invest hundreds of dollars up front, you can take advantage of these bundles and discounts which allows you to dabble without committing to a whole line.

4. It's Fun! 

At the Lash Affair booth, we strive to give everyone a fun and interactive experience. We set up a photo booth and treats to make sure everyone stopping by our booth has a fun time! Our Content Unicorn, Sydney, interviews master lash artists and business owners at our booth to gather knowledge from these artists and share that knowledge with our fans! Seeing people come together and building relationships helps expand the lash community. 

 5. Free Classes

Often with the purchase of your ticket, there are different classes you can take advantage of when attending these shows. Planning ahead and looking at the schedule helps you stay organized and get more for your money. If you can only afford to go one day, it's important to know what classes you want to attend. A lot of people that attend these shows don't take advantage of these classes, but they're a great way to educate yourself and learn new things to help your business and elevate your skills. We recommend going multiple days to get a full experience so that you can take your time, explore and ask questions. 

While cost may be an issue in attending these trade shows since you will typically have to travel to attend and pay registration fees in some cases, don't let that discourage you from going. There are many reasons to participate in trade shows that include gaining valuable experience, knowledge, product exposure and more. Don't forget to have fun, become educated in your industry so you can better support your clients and customers by utilizing what you learn. Remember to take a look at the schedule ahead of time and plan your day in advance to be prepared. 

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