5 Studios That Will Spark Holiday Design Inspiration

Decorating for the holidays may be the best time of the year for the sheer fact that your workplace gets a facelift for an extended period of time! We know that this particular décor can walk a fine line between tasteful and tacky so it can be an overwhelming task to approach. Here are a few simple ideas and studio examples to guide you.

1. Red Fields Salon Silver and gold with one color looks beautiful, without overdoing it. Tying it in with your logo colors will give your studio the perfect palate. Wrapped empty boxes in these colors adorned with ribbons placed around your reception area is a cute and inexpensive touch. Red Fields Salon did a great job choosing one accent color and not overdoing it.

Glam Christmas Decorations

2. Body Shoppe Salon. It seems holiday décor shows up earlier and earlier each year, and as exciting as it may be, it is still best to keep the decor in a 3-4 week December period. By not over saturating the holiday, the magic of the season can really be enjoyed. We love how Body Shoppe Salon didn't go overboard with the decorations but still gave their salon that Christmas feel. 

Simple Holiday Decorations

3. Vici Hair Studio & Beauty Bar.  A cute idea is to fill large, clear ornaments with inexpensive grab gifts like the products in Lash aftercare kits in mini sizes. Lash combs and mini mascaras will fit perfectly! Full-size professional products can be hung on the tree by adhering an ornament hanger to the back. Create DIY lash garland using black construction paper cut in the shape of lush lashes to finish off this lash themed Christmas tree. Using an empty tree skirt as encouragement for a charitable donation from your clients is a great way to give back to your community. A small incentive to donate helps too, like a product from your tree or 10% off to use at their next visit.  You might even let your clients put their desired charity in a jar with each donation and pick the winner of the full amount through a raffle. Vici Hair Studio & Beauty Bar has holiday gift sets ready for their clients underneath the tree, which is also a great idea!

White Christmas Decorations

4. The Beauty Bar. The holiday season is the season for showing thanks and hospitality. Provide an experience that your clients will look forward to all year. For example, something as simple as serving specialty hot chocolate or spiked eggnog (if your state allows) is a sure way to impress them. The Beauty Bar is doing it right by serving Pumpkin Spice Lattes to their clients. This is a surefire way to increase client loyalty and spread holiday cheer! 

Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Other Tips To Keep In Mind

Backdrop. Create a feature wall that your clients will love taking selfies in front of.  It can be as simple as tacking glitter fabric to the wall or it can be more embellished with a themed backdrop that evokes the holiday spirit in any passerby. You can have it up throughout the season, but it is an especially a good idea for your salon’s holiday party! Create a holiday hashtag that clients can use so as people share photos of your space, you’ll be able to view them quickly and easily!  

Music. Calling all Kris Kringle lovers: please delay the festive music until at least December 1st to avoid drowning your employees and clients in the glory of holiday cheer prematurely. Music sets the tone for many when they walk in your door. Lyric-less piano Christmas music is an option that will make everyone happy.  Check out Lash Affair's Holiday Playlist on Spotify for a modern take on classic Christmas songs that your clients and employees will love!

Take Caution. Steer clear of glitter! I know we love glitter,  and what better time to bring it out, but I say this for your own benefit. The trail of glitter left behind from a sparkly tree will stay on your floors until next year no matter how many times you vacuum.

Most importantly, when the holidays are over, carry on those good feelings of generosity and gratitude for as long as possible. Some leftover hot chocolate won't hurt either!

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