A Beginner’s Guide to Lash Salon Interior Design

Here’s a pop quiz--Which salon do you think is more appealing for a lash client? One painted in soothing colors and features a welcoming floor plan with a stylish waiting area in the front and a work area near the back... or one where there is a ton of clutter all over the counters and floors, garish colors on the walls, and a confusing floor plan with the reception desk hidden near the back?

If you answered “Definitely the first option!” you are correct. A poorly thought-out salon not only impedes a lash artist’s ability to work well, it also turns off the client and may cause them to never book another appointment.

To help ensure your lash salon offers the perfect mix of a user-friendly space that looks beautiful and is comfortable to work in, consider the following tips:


1 | Define Your Style: Start with Your Color Scheme

The colors that you select for the walls of your lash salon will help define its overall style. Going for a classic style? Use colors like gold, cream, and beige are definitely appropriate. Prefer wallpaper? Choose one that includes some or all of these colors and apply it to all of the walls in your salon or just one accent wall.


On the other hand, a salon with a modern style typically features more vibrant colors with wallpaper that complements these brighter tones. When selecting specific paint colors for your walls, please keep in mind different shades can impact on your clients’ moods. Sherwin-Williams notes vibrant hues are a great way to encourage a fun, upbeat atmosphere. If you would rather set a chill vibe that soothes clients, softer colors or deep and rich hues are the way to go. 

2 | Lay Out Your Floor Plan

Once you have an idea of the overall style and specific color scheme, it’s time to draw up your floor plan — literally. The Houston Chronicle advises measuring the length and width of your lash salon and creating a sketch on paper of where you want to place everything. A good rule of thumb is to put the waiting area and cash register near the front, and then group similar equipment together in the other parts of your salon — for instance, your work area with the client chairs in one place and your equipment in another space. Also, notes SalonToday.com, if you plan on selling retail items, don’t place the shelves behind the front desk where your clients cannot access them. Keep the shelves out in the open, perhaps against the walls of your waiting area, so your clients can pull the products down and read the labels, and make sure your shelves are well-stocked at all times. 

While the reception desk should be near the front of your salon, place it as far back from the door as you can, and put a "focus table" or two that are covered with rotating product offerings in between the front door and the desk — this way clients will see something new every time they walk in and will “shop their way” through your salon to the desk. Finally, be sure the entire salon is well-lit; a dark interior will seem more foreboding than welcoming while a bright interior will look more cheerful and will reassure your clients that you can see what you are doing.


3 | With Some Careful Pre-Planning, Your LASH Salon Will Look + Feel Amazing

As you design the interior of your salon, it’s important to remember you are choosing colors and deciding where to place your equipment and furniture based on what your clients will like, as well as what will work for you. Even if you adore the idea of acid green, orange, and fuchsia walls and want to keep your work area in the front of the salon, remember these bright colors may be too overwhelming for your clients, and having to head to the back of the store to check in is probably not the best idea for a floor plan.




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