American Volume VS Mega Volume VS Russian Volume

As a budding or established lash artist, you are probably well aware of the wide variety of terms you need to learn and understand to do your job as expertly as you can. In some cases, these terms are easily and often misinterpreted, which could lead to miscommunications with your clients.

A classic example of terms that can cause confusion among lash artists has to do with three types of “Volumes” — specifically, American Volume, Russian Volume, and Mega Volume.


What’s the Difference?

As noted in a previous blog, American Volume is a newer term created to differentiate it from Russian Volume, which is the original style of volume lashes. Basically, the Russian Volume technique was created by Olga Dobronravova and Irina Levchuck and refers to 3 or more lashes that are 1-2 mm longer than the natural lash being applied to the real lash. While Russian Volume usually results in a thick lash line with the shape arching in an even line, American Volume is more textured, staggered, or wispy. 

Mega Volume, on the other hand, refers to using 6 or more .03-.06 diameter extensions similar in look to Russian Volume but are typically longer. One of the drawbacks of the Russian Volume method is that fills or touch-ups are not possible. 


Russian Volume Lashes: What are the Benefits?

Also known as 3D Volume, Russian Volume lash extensions are all hand made by the lash artist during the appointment — you will create each fan of two or more lashes before attaching the fan of lashes to a single natural lash. The biggest benefit to this technique is it's possible to give your clients really full and high volume sets of lashes, even if their real lashes are sparse. 



The finish of Russian Volume lashes is soft and fluffy, and many lash artists report longer retention, due in large part to their light weight.


More on Mega Volume Lashes

The main difference between Mega Volume and other lash application processes is the number of lash extensions used to create the fan of lashes, as well as the diameter of the fan. With the Mega Volume method, it is not unusual to use .05 and .03 lash extensions to make a fan with up to 16 lash extensions. With this approach, lash artists can apply up to 16 extensions on one lash, which definitely lives up to its “Mega” name, and creates a super full and glamorous look.


American Volume 101

American Volume, notes Professional Beauty, creates more natural-looking lashes that are still full and soft. While the aforementioned techniques result in super full looks, some clients may feel they are too heavy and don’t look natural. With the American Volume method, three or more lengths are used across the lash line to create a more natural texture that complements what the client already has.   



Which One is Best? That’s Up to You and Your Clients to Decide.


Clearly, there are benefits to each of these three Volume methods: for Russian Volume, the ability to create clean, dark lash lines using short 3D and 4D fans. For Mega Volume, having the client leave with amazingly full and glam lashes is an attractive feature to some women, and American Volume, creating the sought after Kardashian-like lash texture. 

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