Benefits of Being a Mentor for Up-and-Coming Lash Artists

As with anyone new to a profession, there is always a learning curve -- and lash artistry is no different. Maybe you have an up-and-comer who had a preventable issue involving finances, a client mishap, or a conflict with a coworker. 

It's only through learning we can prevent mistakes like these. As a lashpreneur, you have the power to positively impact those you work with or the artists in your community by being a mentor. 

Think back to when you were starting out as a lash artist. Did you look up to someone or get tips from a pro? Now it's your turn to pass on your knowledge. 

Mentoring a new lash artist gives you the opportunity to learn about yourself, see the business from a fresh perspective, and contribute to the industry. Here are the benefits of taking an up-and-coming lash artist under your wing as your mentee.

Young Talent Gives You a Fresh Perspective

When you mentor young talent, you can gain just as much from the relationship as the person you're mentoring.


The next generation of lash artists might have skills you could sharpen yourself. They might be great at growing an Instagram following, selling merchandise, marketing on digital platforms, or setting up a website and blog. Younger generations will also know how to relate to their younger peers, which can help you learn how to relate to this demographic better when they're your clients. Ask the person you're mentoring what they view as their strengths. Then give them opportunities to put them into action and teach you about themselves, so you can learn, too.


Teaching New Lash Artists Provides Important Reminders

When you teach someone else, you're passing down the best wisdom you have available. Sometimes, it's wisdom we need to remind ourselves to follow. That could range from how to correctly do a lash application, to the importance of being professional and courteous with all clients.

Look at mentorship as the opportunity for you to re-learn what's important, too. When you mentor someone, you are making yourself an example to look after. Those positive actions and habits can enhance your business and services, as well.

When You Mentor, You Pay It Forward

If you view your career as more than a paycheck, one of the biggest ways to make an impact is to influence the next generation

Your leadership and advice can make a mark on your mentee's entire future career. When you help develop an expert artist, you're contributing positively to the lash artist industry. 

Great lash artistry increases trust in lash extension services. Bad artistry can hurt potential new business for all artists. When you mentor, you help give the lash extension industry a better reputation.

And when you take the time to mentor someone at your business, your salon will reap the benefits. Your mentee can positively influence others and might become a mentor themselves some day.


Finally: Choose Who Deserves Your Mentorship Carefully

Being a mentor is more than being a boss. You're taking time to provide guidance and insights and are putting yourself out there as available to dispense advice. Your mentee may ask you to teach them things you otherwise wouldn't, or meet with them regularly to discuss their work. Like any meaningful relationship, mentorship takes time, dedication and investment from both parties for it to be successful.

Your time is valuable, and you only have so much of it. To make the most of your mentorship relationship, mentor someone you believe in. You may be approached by multiple up-and-comers to be a mentor. The best results will come from a mutually



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