Calls to Action: What They Are & Why You Need Them

What do the following three scenarios have in common? One, you have just enjoyed the perfect appointment with a client, but you didn’t ask her to schedule another one. Two, you posted an amazing photo of one of your client’s gorgeous lashes on Instagram, but you didn’t invite your followers to book an appointment with you. Three, you have terrific material — both written and visual — on your website, but you don’t ask for site visitors to make the purchase.

If you answered “These are all missed opportunities!”, you are correct! All three of these examples included chances for a lashpreneur to ask for business. Fortunately, with the help of call-to-actions, you will be able to seize these opportunities and capitalize on them.

What Is a Call-to-Action?

A call-to-action, or CTA for short, is a statement designed to get an immediate response from the person who is reading or hearing it. A classic example is a website that uses phrases like “Buy now to get the lowest prices ever!” Typically, a CTA includes an “action verb” like call, sign-up, order, or click here for. Going back to the earlier three examples, you could use a variety of CTAs to encourage future and new business.

In the case of the client you saw in person for the great appointment, you could finish the appointment by saying “Please book your next appointment with me to get the best possible time for your schedule.” For the Instagram post, you could include a CTA like “Email or call to make an appointment!” and on your website, your CTA could say “Share our site on social media” or “Call now for an appointment.” A CTA can also take the form of a sign at checkout, a note on the receipt, a text reminder to book another appointment or even a verbal ask at the end of an appointment. To see other examples of terrific CTAs, check out the Optimizely website — hey, that was a CTA too!

Why You Need to Ask for Business

Yes, you offer great service and prices and you are highly skilled in applying lash extensions, but you also need to ask for business, and the CTA will allow you to do just that. There are three key reasons why CTAs are so helpful. One, they help to instruct your clients and potential clients on what they should do next — for example, call you for an appointment.

The easier you make this for people with a clear CTA, the more likely they will do it. Second, customers truly want CTAs; they have seen them before and expect them. If you omit a CTA on social media or your website, they may not take the steps on their own to follow your page and look up your number and call you. Finally, a good CTA will boost the success of your digital ads; without it, your message will figuratively hang in midair with nothing to ground it. Include a creative and compelling CTA in your digital advertising, and potential clients are likely to respond. CTAs also allow you to track conversion as well. A CTA, like a button or phrase, provides a natural place to include a link that can be tracked and measured to determine success.

CTAs Will Make a Positive Difference in your Business

Now that you know what a call-to-action is and how it can help to generate business, you will probably wonder how you ever got by without them. It is amazing how a relatively short phrase like “Book your appointment now” or “Call me to get great lashes!” will make a significant difference in your business marketing efforts.

Of course, any article about calls-to-actions would not be complete without a CTA in it. Already have CTAs and are ready to take your CTA game to the next level? Read Part 2!

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