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Being grateful for our loyal clients comes easy. They are the ones that make our day when they're on our books. They always take our advice on products and practice proper aftercare. They are the ones who are on time, schedule their appointments in advance, and of course, the services they book help us pay our bills at the end of every month. 

When considering these factors about particular clients, it's nice to brainstorm ideas of how to return your gratitude

What about a VIP program? 

Some places like to employ a VIP program for certain clientele, particularly those who create the most revenue. Although it's a great idea, it's important to introduce any VIP program with the mentality of not being too exclusive. A very important point to remember is that a client may spend a tenth of what another does but they may be spending all of the expendable money they have on your services. The moment they feel that that is not good enough to be treated appropriately is the moment you lose a client. So you should treat all of your clients the same, even when it's hard

If your VIP program is hand selected, it should be kept in high confidentiality among the employees to ensure clients are not feeling left out. The best way to master this is by knowing who your people are, and surprising them from time to time during the checkout process with a nice gift or discount. This can be around the holidays, in the month of their birthday, or anytime you are feeling the love.

Another option is to make your VIP program open to anyone that wants to sign up. They can rack up rewards on their account for service and retail purchases, which they can use to get special discounts or gifts when they reach a certain level. Or it can be a monthly program where they prepay for their service automatically and they get a free brow wax or a big discount on other services that you provide. 

Throwing your clients a party at your shop where they can take advantage of an annual product sale, gift certificate deals, and participate in fun games and raffles is another great way to reward them. I like to have raffles where I have the names of my most loyal clients entered once for every visit they had throughout the year, again for every referral they've sent me, and again for every $100 they've spent in retail. Showing up to the party with a friend will get them two more entries as well as any purchases they make that evening. Even if your VIP's don't get picked in the drawings, you can have something special waiting for them on their next visit. 

Be a lash affair vip

Lash Affair loves celebrating our VIP clients by keeping them in the loop on all things Lash Affair. It is an exclusive group that is always the first to know about sales and giveaways. To be added to the exclusive group, all you have to do is text "lashaffair" to 31996 and you're in!

Doing something nice for clients like these ideas and letting them know that you so appreciate their loyalty goes a long way in their heart, and yours! 

Erika Lauren
Blogger | Esthetician | Super Dog Mom

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