Everything You Need to Know About Purchasing a Lash Lift Kit

So you're considering adding lash lifts to your menu?

Lash lift services are taking the beauty industry by storm — with no sign of slowing down. And why wouldn’t the service be popular? Who doesn’t love to shout “Yes!” when asked if their lashes are real? 
Lash lift services are an easy, inexpensive way to gain new clients and keep current clients who don’t want, or for whatever reason,  can't tolerate lash extensions. Plus, when you offer lash lifts on your service menu, you’re adding to your skillset. OK, so there are obvious reasons to offer the service, but what should you really know about purchasing a lash lift kit?


The Essentials

The best lash lift kits should come with these products:

Lash Tool or Lash Pick

To help you lift the lashes onto the lash lift shields or lash lift rods. Also used to separate the lashes on the shield so you have even spacing and the direction of the lashes are going straight up.

Curl Solution or Perm Lotion

Lash lifts use similar chemicals as hair perms. This product changes the structure of the natural lash to keep the lashes curled once released from the lash lift shields.

Setting Solution or Neutralizing Cream

This product works in conjunction with the curl solution to stop the processing so that you don’t over process the lashes.

Moisturizing Oil or Nourishing Lotion

This will help to rehydrate and protect the lashes.

Silicone Shields, Molds or Lash Lift Rods

To adhere your client’s lashes onto in order to create the shape of the curl. Usually a kit will offer at least two different sizes and shapes to create different levels of curl intensity. 

Lash Lift Glue

To secure lashes onto the shields or molds during application.


Quantity and Quality

Depending on where you buy your kit, the number of each product included will vary. A good kit should produce at least 10 services. So what happens if you run out of lash lift cream and the setting solution but still have everything else? Make sure that the company you are buying from sells the individual components of a kit, so you don’t have to buy an entire lash lift kit every time. You can replenish your kit by buying the specific product you need. 

Consider how the kit arrives to you once ordered. Is it in a flimsy cardboard box? Or are pieces thrown in a box without thought of presentation. If the company is not putting much thought in how the kit arrives, how can you know if the products inside are of good quality?



As lash artists, you know that working with professional lash adhesive is no joke. In the same way, Lash Lifts use chemicals that need to be handled properly to ensure damage-free results. When you are looking at purchasing a lash lift kit, make sure that the company you’re purchasing from offers online or in person training. Having trainings like this is a sign that the company understands the importance of quality and how easily the service can go wrong. Look into the training and how in depth it is. A 10 minute YouTube video is not enough to be properly educated on how to perform lash lift services. Do your research and make sure you feel confident before using lash lift products on a client.


Earning Potential

You’re already in the beauty business so you know there is a high demand for lash enhancement. Let’s face it: Lash extensions aren’t for everyone. Some people want something a little more subtle. Also, when a client gets a lash lift, they usually ask for an eyelash tint, which will supplement your profits. By offering a lash lift on your service menu, you’ll cater to a larger target market, which will fill your books faster!


Lash Affair now offers lash lift supplies!

If you would like to order Lash Affair’s ModesTease Lash Lift Kit, find it online or call 800.608.2420 to speak to our customer care.



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