Eye Health for the Lash Artist

Are eyeglasses in your future?

Never has the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," rang truer than when it comes to having a career as a Lash Artist. Those performing lash extensions depend on their excellent eyesight for this attention to detail artistry. 

August is National Exam Month and stands as a perfect reminder of the importance of eye health, especially when in this field. Whether you're just starting out or you've been practicing lash artistry for years, implementing these tips and tricks to support the strength of your eyes is imperative to a lasting career in lashes. 

Eye strain can lead to headaches, fatigue, and disruption in your ability to work. If you are experiencing issues from near-work eye strain, it is a good time to check-in for an eye exam. Magnifying glasses, like the ones found here from Lash Affair, can significantly reduce the typical stress that lash artists put on their eyes. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear with interchangeable scratch-resistant lenses and an LED light. Not only can wearing these prevent eye strain, but they improve your speed and precision in applying lash extensions making the quality of your application better for you and the client.

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To focus for near vision, the eye needs to accommodate or increase the focusing power in order to see. After a sustained period of time, this accommodating focusing of the eye may have difficulty relaxing which can be causing symptoms of strained or blurred vision. You should discuss these symptoms with your ophthalmologist and seek appropriate treatment or glasses correction."

by Dr Louis B. Cantor MD | Ophthalmologist

Practicing regular eye strengthening exercises is a major component to consider incorporating into your workday. To begin, try to look in each direction and hold for five seconds. Repeat each movement a few times and blink in between changing directions. Finish with rotating your eyes counter-clockwise 10 times, rest, and then clockwise 10 times. Practice these exercises at the beginning of your shift each day to reduce the risk of eye strain. 

TIP: Take a screenshot of the exercises below to remember the order and have access on the go!

While performing lash application, remember to give your eyes a rest and blink a few times in a row periodically. 

Do these eye exercises daily to increase eye strength and reduce fatigue

Don't be a hypocrite! It is wise to follow the advice that we give to clients by being mindful of how we care for our own eyes and lashes at home. Keeping your eyes clean and using a lash-safe cleanser such as the TLC Foaming Cleanser will ensure the longevity of your lashes while removing your makeup. The tea tree extract gives it an antibacterial property to prevent eye infections. Forgetting to remove eye makeup at night can lead to blepharitis which is a painful condition that will affect your ability to work.  

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Your career in lashes can go as long as the extensions you apply if you are ensuring the health of your eyes! Remember to have your eyes checked regularly and incorporate the equipment, products, and exercises in this blog that will support your amazing eye for detail.

Erika Lauren
Blogger | Esthetician | Super Dog Mom


  • Sydney F

    Hey Bianca!
    Thanks for your comment! Glad you are loving the mag glasses and it’s so good to hear that you are using them to keep your vision strong!


  • Bianca Bueno

    These are my favorite magnifiers! they don’t slip down my nose like others I’ve bought in the past. They make such a huge difference I can’t believe I lashed so long without them!

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