Eyelash Extensions and Pregnancy

Even longer, brighter, crisp days and then comes the pregnancy announcements…

Wait, pregnancy announcements?

Every spring a handful of girlfriends, clients, and fellow lash artists announce will announce pregnancies. Even though you most likely have always told pregnant clients that there was no risk from lash extensions on the pregnancy, suddenly you may want to know more if you yourself are pregnant: what ARE the risks of being a pregnant lash artist? And for your clients, are they safe?

Here are some tips to put expecting lash artist mommies at ease:


  • ALWAYS wear a carbon filter mask while working. The vapors from the cyanoacrylate in lash adhesives are to be avoided as much as possible. The activated carbon filters the VOCs out of the air with each breath.
  • Take breaks! Good posture while working is essential, and working in a good chair with your feet flat on the floor is a great start. Also taking frequent breaks to stretch and walk help with fatigue a ton.
  • Clients may prefer to schedule shorter lash appointments as they progress in their pregnancies. Laying flat on their back for longer appointments can be very uncomfortable for expecting mothers.
  • Have a couple of pillows on hand can help with comfort level as well. Expecting mommies can lay on their left sides during their lash service and the pillows can be placed behind them to take pressure off their backs. Or in between their knees to support the lower back. 
  • Stay hydrated! You and your clients both need plenty of liquids while getting those babies ready for their new entry to the world, so have bottled water on hand. Those shorter appointments help with frequent bathroom breaks too!

And when it’s time for baby to come, maybe a nice gift for your mommy-to-be lash client (or yourself)!

Congratulations on your new adventure and good luck to your mommies and all the bouncing bundles of joy! 

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