Fall in Love with New Lash Styles

There’s no better look than lashes that truly stand out. This season, Lash Affair has the perfect lash extensions and accessories to help you in trying out all of the latest lash trends. Whether you have sparse lashes or you're looking for a trendy new way to boost your lashes, great lash artists are prepared for any client that walks through their door. 

At Lash Affair, we offer the basics for lash application, like glue for eyelash extensions, as well as some of the highest quality volume lashes, which can be combined with classic lash extensions to create the perfect blend for any client. Today, we’re going to explore a variety of new lash styles that are trending this season.



One of the most popular trends this season is colored lash extensions- vibrantly colored individual or volume lashes combined with black lash extensions create a subtle, yet fun look that transitions easily from daytime music festival to sultry date night. When choosing between colors, Lash Affair has a great selection of gorgeous purple, green, and blue shades that will compliment any eye color. Brown Ombré will give a subtle pop to blue eyes, purples bring out the green, and Blue Ombré lashes make any brown-eyed beauty shine. 



As lash extensions become more popular, new and existing clients are more open than ever to experiment with length, thickness, and volume in order to get dramatic, red carpet ready lashes. Mega Volume is a controversial trend as it can be damaging to the natural lashes if applied improperly. Many lash techs are taking pre-made cluster lashes like the one pictured below and applying multiples of these clusters to one natural lash. The result is often painful, stuck together lashes which leads to lash loss and hinders the natural growth of healthy lashes. Even if they are hand-making the fans, many artists are grabbing too many extensions in their fans. 

For example, eight .03 diameter extensions are equal to the weight of one .15 diameter classic lash extension. However, in the trend of mega-volume, lash techs are grabbing upwards of 20-30 .03 lashes per fan. These huge fans result in crowding of the lash line and too much weight on a single natural lash which can lead to pre-mature lash shedding. Mega Volume is recommended you wear for a short time like for pictures, or an event, and not designed for extended wear.



With the rising trend of Mega-Volume we are seeing a backlash trend of safe volume from artists concerned about the abuse being done to clients natural lashes. Many artists such as Kristen Maxwell are voicing their concerns and advocating safe volume techniques. They are going back to using traditional volume lashes such as fans of 4-5 .07 diameter lashes. This creates a more natural appearance, but depending on artists experience and styling can offer quite a dramatic look.
P.S. Take our volume lash certification course to make sure you know all the volume rule basics. 

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