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Clients may be complaining about their lashes falling out faster than they normally do this time of year. That's because the Fall Season has begun and that means Fall Lash Shedding Season is underway. You'll need to be equipped to know how to educate your clients on what to prepare for during Fall Shed and the things you can both do to make sure you're least affected. Here are some tips to get you through the season!


Growth Phases of Hair

To understand Fall Shed, you must first understand the phases of hair growth. You should have been taught these stages in your Lash Extension Course or Esthetics/Cosmetology studies, but just in case, let's review.



In the anagen phase the hair is rooted to the follicle and it is receiving nutrients from your blood which promotes healthy growth. Have you ever tweezed or waxed a client, then immediately noticed spot bleeding? This is because the hair was pulled out during this active growth phase. Hair pulled out in this phase will often damage the hair follicle and can ultimately result in a dormant follicle that produces no hair. Which is great for unwanted hair in your bikini line, but not for your lashes and brows!


In the catagen phase the hair is no longer growing or receiving nutrients and the follicle begins to collapse. 


The last 100 days of the cycle, the hair is in the telogen or resting stage. The hair is detached and ready to be shed. Roughly 10% of all the hairs on your body, including your lashes, are in the telogen phase. On average you will loose up to 100 hairs and 3-5 lashes per day. 

Once the hair sheds, the cycle starts again. This entire cycle for all the hair on your body takes between 3 and 5 years. 



The truth is, no one really knows why Fall Shed happens. The most recent study of this phenomenon occurred in 2010, when a group of Swedish scientists tracked hair growth in 800 healthy women over the course of 6 years. They determined that the women lost the most hair during the Fall Season, specifically October-November. 




The most likely explanation is that majority of the hair on your body enters a resting phase during the Summer to protect your scalp and body from increased sun exposure. Once the season changes and sun exposure decreases, your body recognizes this change and sheds the hair and lashes no longer needed for protection.



It is very important as service providers that we don't "prescribe" solutions, medications, or supplements. We can only make recommendations and invite our clients to see a doctor if they are concerned about increased lash and hair loss. With this in mind, here are some things that can help to prevent hair loss and/or increase hair growth.



When the body experiences stress, it produces a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is quite helpful in dealing with short-term stress as it helps you have energy, quick reflexes, and heightened awareness. But over the long-term, stress can take it's toll and result in adrenal fatigue. When stress is sustained, some claim that the adrenal glands can be overworked due to excess cortisol production. This means that your cortisol levels, and other hormone levels, could fall. The result of this fall is that your body is unable to produce other important hormones that impact hair loss, such as testosterone. 

Consider running a special in Fall to combine relaxing services, such as a lash fill and mini facial or lash lift and hand/scalp massage at a promo price. Not only can they get in a lash nap, but you can give them even more reasons to relax with some much needed moisture replenishment during these drier months. You'll also increase your profitability. 



The cleaner your clients lashes, the longer they will last. Whether your client wears makeup or not, they still need to be cleansing their lashes daily to remove natural oils and environmental debris. Run a special during Fall Shed Season such as offering $5 off a bottle of TLC Cleanser and free Eyelove Cleansing Brush to any client that books in October. For tips to give your clients on the importance of cleansing, check out this blog: Give Yourself Some TLC.



Sell a lash serum such as the Lash and Brow Growth Serum or the ModesTease Hydrating Serum from Lash Affair. Our serum is filled with vitamins and peptides that work to deliver nutrients straight to the area that it's needed. It's also designed to send a message to hairs that are getting ready to shed, to have them stay put a little bit longer.

We love using the time between placing the last lash and misting to explain benefits of proper aftercare.


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