Finally the Solution to Your Adhesive Headache!

Let me know if this sounds familiar. Back-to-back clients, switching curls, lengths, and lash adhesives based on my client's formulas. I go to reach for my make-shift jar of adhesives, unscrew the lid, dig around in rice looking for the right one. Meanwhile, rice is falling to the floor. Finally, I find the right one but the date is rubbed off because of the friction of the rice. So now, I don't even know if the glue is expired. If only there were a simple container designed specifically to store my lash adhesive. I've tried using glass jars with rice or silica, but it was a mess, and my adhesive bottles would be different shapes, so it would be hard to fit them all in. Storage solutions for adhesive can get tricky. After too many failed attempts, I was ready to give up and hit the sheets.

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Enter, the lil' Love Shack from Lash Affair. It's the perfect home for your adhesive. It may look like a standard plastic container at first glance, but it has a vacuum-seal closure that keeps your adhesive working at its best for its recommended lifetime. The lil' Love Shack is roomy enough to fit 4 or more lash adhesives, and the sleek, compact design goes well with any color palette while being an attractive addition to your workspace. It's very easy to use, just press the button on the lid to open the jar. Insert your lash adhesives, cap up. (You may also add a silica packet to ensure extra protection from moisture.) Press the button on the lid again and close the jar. You will hear the air being forced out of the container as you shut the lid, so neat!

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Cool, dark and dry are the characteristics that make-up the best environment for storing lash adhesives. The lil' Love Shack takes care of all three of these and offers the best solution. Purchase it now in the Lash Affair Shop under Adhesives. You'll be thankful you did!


Sydney Farrell | Owner

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