Have a Line of Clients as Long as Your Lashes!

Remember being told that batting your lashes would get you everywhere? Well, what about when your client flow needs a boost? You'll be glad to know that you've still got it! Sometimes getting new clients is as simple as showing off our amazing work and creating a buzz. Lashes are still one thing in the industry that clients don't mind forking over the cash for, but to see new faces, it's always almost caused by a chain reaction. A woman will see her co-worker's/sister's/friend's lashes and it will get her paying attention to everyone's lashes. The more she sees it, the more she will think about her own. This is where the referral comes in. Be that referral! Here's how:


It's not good enough anymore to just slap something on Facebook. Giving quick demos on Snapchat or making videos with Boomerang on Instagram is a better way to capture the attention of the client's you want because it shows the personality of your business. It creates a fun place everyone wants to go to. Be mindful to always maintain a professional appearance on social media. We recommend having a separate account for your personal life, so you can keep your brand and message consistent!

Fun photos of travel and events are great, but if they are not business related they belong on your personal page.

Clients love incentives if the reward is easy to obtain. Developing a simple and straightforward referral program is an excellent way to gain your client's like-minded social circle. This could be as simple as a punch card, or word-of-mouth program. Or if technology is your thing...


If you want to gain your clients' trust, allow them to be in control of the loyalty program. And what better way to do it than to implement an app like SpotOn. Customers download the free SpotOn app, then scan the app to earn and redeem rewards. They can earn extra rewards by sharing on social media and sending their friends in as well. 


A promotion doesn't have to mean you bite the bullet. Ask your retail suppliers for options to buy in bulk at a discount, which can provide you the opportunity to give out deluxe samples to your clients for a limited time. Another idea is to have a "bring a friend" event where each client gets a free gift for bringing a friend to the party. Offer discount packages for the friends to have an incentive to book with you and raffle off services or product packages!

Invite your clients to bring their friends for a pop up shop event at your space!


This is easy to do when you set up a treatment plan with your clients during their first visit. Make sure they understand first treatment expectations and that to achieve a goal it won't happen instantly. Figure out your margins and what makes sense for a package. For example, you could offer:

Buy 6 services in advance, get one free OR pay for a whole year in advance (buy 9 services, get 3 free).

The key is to make it an offer that's only available to purchase at their initial visit. By making the offer more about educating them, it will have a more helpful feel, rather than being too salesy. You can make clear that the effect of lash services only gets better with each fill and to have the best results you must come in for maintenance every 2-3 weeks. The series makes this easy for them. Have a cost and tentative schedule planned out for them before they check out. Not only will you have them committed, but you'll keep your work fresh, drawing the eye of all those that see your client. 

Growing a consistent clientele can be really difficult, especially in the lash industry where client care and environmental conditions can impact the service so much. Before you implement these tips to grow your clientele, make sure that you are controlling the service where you can by making sure your products are working for you and not against you. Once you are sure that you are offering a consistent and amazing service, then you should be ready to start building your lash clientele using these tips! Remember that Lash Affair has amazing wholesale programs to get your product at a discount and keep even more money in your pockets!

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