Holiday Party Ideas for Your Salon


The holidays are right around the corner, meaning plenty of holiday parties to attend and plenty of clients to take care of. This time of year can be a trying time with so many bookings, but who doesn’t love knowing they are helping clients look their best for the holiday season?

From October through November you may have overbooked yourself and your other artists, so we are here to give you a few holiday party ideas to let off some steam with your office!


Hot Chocolate Bar 

Who doesn’t enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate after a long day? At the end of a busy work day let everyone finish all of their tasks while you set up a hot chocolate bar. Plan to have a little office party with snacks on a Friday night and allow everyone to decorate their own cup of hot cocoa. You can set up stations with different types of chocolate, marshmallows, sprinkles, candy canes, spices, and milk alternatives. 

Be sure to add a little Bourbon or Baileys to make a nice spiked hot chocolate. This recipe from Bon Appetit will ensure you and your employees enjoy their drinks. However, we recommend to also have an alcohol free batch for any employees that may decide not to have alcohol.


Cookie Decorating

This can be one of the best ways to let off steam and get your creative juices flowing. A cookie decorating party is tons of fun for employees of all ages. Have a station set up where you provide sugar cookies and all the ingredients needed to decorate such as icing, sprinkles, and any add on candy. When all is said and done, everyone can take home a box of cookies they created themselves. To make the evening a little more interesting have a gingerbread house decorating contest! 


Christmas Tree Decorating

Similar to cookie decorating, Christmas tree decorating allows everyone to get their craft on. Don’t think of a traditional decorating party for your tree, instead step outside the box and get as creative as you would like. Build a non-traditional Christmas tree in the office, like a TLC cleansing Christmas tree  with  cleansing brushes as the ornaments that showcases products for your clients to purchase. Go old-school and do popcorn garlands, or even have everyone decorate their own ornaments. Once you’re all completed consider placing gold lash confetti around the tree for a little added texture and style. If your salon doesn’t have enough room for a DIY Christmas tree consider having a wreath decorating party and allowing your employees to take them home at the end of the night to decorate their own houses!

We are always finding ways to incorporate lashes into the holiday season!


Ice Skating

If you’re an office that likes to get active then ice skating is the holiday party for you! This is an event you can make family-friendly for everyone at a local ice skating rink. Have the night include your favorite office snacks and pizza, along with some hot chocolate ready to go. Many ice skating rinks are happy to accommodate for a fun holiday office party, and will help gather all the materials you’ll need. 

Consider looking for ice skating rinks in your area that are outdoors too. If you live somewhere warm like Phoenix then an outdoor ice skating rink such as CitySkate can be the perfect event for your company. An outdoor rink is often in the middle of the city meaning there is a ton to do right after!


Volunteer Teamwork

One of the best ways to celebrate and prepare for the holidays is through volunteer work. You can volunteer at The Salvation Army, Goodwill, or your local soup kitchen. Volunteering during this busy season means you and your team are able to help a company and people in need, as well as remind yourselves of all the blessings around you. Another great volunteer strategy is having a donation box for food, clothing, and other items set up in your office. You can have employees and clients bring in goods that may be most needed by shelters this time of the year. Volunteering will make everyone feel extra grateful during the holiday season and beyond the New Year. 

At Lash Affair we know just how difficult it can be during this time of year to plan out a holiday party and event for your team, but doing so will give everyone that breather they need. Each employee will thank you for the time you’ve put in to preparing a gathering. Everyone will enjoy being creative, and people will certainly love the ability to give back to the community. Make every moment counts this holiday season!



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