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Feeling stuck searching for the “best” lash extension adhesive on the market to maximize your lash retention? Sorry to break it to ya, babe, but there’s no such thing as the best eyelash glue in the world. Every artist is compatible with a different eyelash adhesive based on the humidity in the space you’re lashing in. There’s hundreds of adhesives to choose from, and your soulmate formula isn’t always easy to find. Breaking down what adhesive works best for you, your clients, and your work space will help you find your match made in lash heaven.


All adhesives contain cyanoacrylate, which cures in the presence of moisture - aka the presence of water is what causes the glue to solidify its bond between the natural lash and the extension. The higher the humidity, the faster the adhesive will cure. The humidity, or moisture in the air, in a studio in Florida is going to vary from the humidity in a studio in Arizona. It’s the mark of an educated lash artist to understand the humidity in the room + which products will work best in your environment.


A hygrometer is a must have in a lash artist’s kit. This essential device measures the temperature and humidity in your room. In order to accurately measure your humidity, let the device read the room for an hour and take note of the numbers. For best results, do this three times a day for two days. Afterwards, add the six percentages together, then divide by 2. This is how you can find average relative humidity (ARH). If your ARH is under 30 percent, try adding a humidifier to your room. If your ARH is over 80 percent, a dehumidifier will help you bring the humidity down. A 45 to 55 percent humidity reading is the best range for applying lash extensions. Once you know what you’re working with, you can start looking for the right eyelash glue for your humidity.


Yes! You absolutely need to store your adhesive properly when you’re not using it to protect it from humidity and keep it from being compromised. If moisture enters the eyelash glue, it can start to cure inside the bottle and it’ll no longer be usable. Treat your beloved glue to a safe, dry place to cuddle up for the night and get a Love Shack - our vacuum-sealed storage that will extend the shelf life of your opened adhesive by keeping it safe in an airtight container with silica beads. For more info on how to store + care for your adhesive, check out answers to your most frequently asked eyelash extension adhesive questions

Now that you’re feeling familiar with humidity, it’s time to meet your perfect adhesive match for maximizing your lash extension retention!

Clear Connection (16% to 60%): A clear adhesive that is a Lash Affair artist favorite, Clear Connection does not have any carbon in the formula. The recommended humidity for this formula is 55%, and the recommended temperature is 73 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Clear Connection is best for experienced artists who can easily measure the adhesive on their eyelash extensions without the black carbon as a guide.

She’s totally compatible with... Clients sensitive to carbon

The One (30% to 45%): A thin viscosity adhesive best for 30 to 45% humidity. The One has low vapor/fumes and a one to three second dry time. This is The One for you if you’re applying lash extensions in a drier climate.

She’s totally compatible with...  Low humidity 

True Love (45% to 55%): This adhesive has the thinnest viscosity and quickest dry time at one to two seconds. True Love performs best at a temperature of 70 degrees. This adhesive is best for a last artist who can work quickly.

She’s totally compatible with...  The quicker lash extension artist

Infatuated (40% to 55%): This adhesive has the lowest amount of cyanoacrylate and is perfect for clients who are more sensitive to fumes during their lash service, as this adhesive gives off a lower amount of fumes. This adhesive has a thicker viscosity and features a five second dry time.

She’s totally compatible with...  The client sensitive to lash extension fumes

Love Potion No. 9 (40% to 70%): You’ll be stuck on this adhesive! Love Potion No. 9 works best with 55% humidity and a temperature 73 to 75 degrees fahrenheit.

She’s totally compatible with...  Higher humidity work spaces 

P.S. When dispensing your glue, hold the bottle upside down to prevent any moisture in the air from entering the nozzle of the adhesive bottle.

Adhesive isn’t one size fits all. Finding your True Love eyelash glue may take time, but when you find The One for you, it’ll be a Clear Connection and you’ll never want to break up.
 Check out our full adhesive collection to get Infatuated with the perfect glue for your lash extension studio.
Want some extra help finding your humidity or the perfect Love Potion for your studio? Hit us up.

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