How to Attract the Right Clients and Keep Them

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As a Trainer, one of the many things I get asked after a class is, “How do I get new clients?” My response is always the same. While new clients are great, mastering the art of retaining your current clients is what makes people successful. Lash visits are very cyclical. Clients should be returning to you every 2-5 weeks to maintain their lashes, and if you can keep them happy, the rest will follow. Here are some ways you can attract new clients and retain them.


1) Invest in Your Education

Aside from the fact that we are working around peoples’ eyes with sharp objects, lashing is truly an art and a science. Investing in quality education will not only refine your skills, but it will also show your clients that you care about the quality of your work and are staying up-to-date with the latest techniques. Check out what's happening at LA Academy.



2) Keep an Updated Portfolio

With social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, it’s incredibly easy to interact with current and potential clients while showcasing your work. Your Instagram can serve as your portfolio, if you post primarily pictures and videos of lash work. Captions should be informative, as some potential clients may not yet grasp the concept of lash extensions. Great angles, bright lighting, and, of course, beautiful lash work will make you stand out. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with videos, tips and tricks, or lash memes to make your page more personable! See my page (@pinkladylash) for examples of the types of content a lash artist should be posting and check out the artists @lashaffairbyjp features weekly. Other social media platforms serve their purpose in our industry as well. You can run ads or campaigns on Facebook, or show a funnier, behind-the-scenes side of your business with Snapchat!



3) Make Booking Simple and Easy

The majority of clients will search for you online once they’ve heard about you. Why not direct them to a booking system where they can choose an appointment right from their phone or computer? While pen and paper booking is still used by many professionals, clients love the ease of online booking. Remember to ask clients to rebook their next fill after their appointment as well. Once you start to get busy, clients trying to squeeze in last-minute may not get their preferred day or time! Acuity, Schedulicity and MindBody are all popular options and many of them offer free trials. 



4) Know Your Worth (and Stand Behind It!)

Your price point should be fair to both you and to the client. Don’t undersell your services in the hopes of attracting new clients. Don’t be afraid to be priced higher than your neighbor. Undercutting another lash artist’s prices may show that your work isn’t as valuable. Plus, our education and overhead expenses aren’t cheap so don’t let a client sway you into lowering your prices because he or she cannot afford your services. You have a treasured skill; own it!




5) Keep Your Workspace Tidy and Welcoming

An organized, pristine workspace, accompanied by a comfortable lash bed, can make your clients feel at ease. A chaotic set up can give clients the idea that you don’t care about cleanliness and sanitation, which is a huge turn-off in the beauty industry. Keep extra blankets and pillows on-hand and use padding on your lash bed so that your client can relax. Make your workspace unique and put some time into decorating. Your colors, furniture, and decor can make your brand more attractive and also show your clients that you’ve put some effort into making a their appointments a positive experience.

Get the Lash Palette or Lash Palette PRO to stay organized and ready for anything!



6) Respect Their Time So They Can Respect Yours

Running behind on appointments, or always asking your clients to reschedule, can leave a bad taste in their mouths. Keep rescheduling to a minimum. Plan your hours at least a month in advance, and, if you encounter an emergency, give them a couple of options when you call them to reschedule. Always have your workspace set up 30-minutes prior to your first appointment and keep track of the time so that you don’t run over into your next appointment.



7) Show Your Appreciation

Referrals built more than half of my salon’s clientele. Good referrals create a ripple effect, so reward the clients that are putting your name out there! Giving clients a referral discount is an incentive to bring you business and also a great way to show your appreciation. Plus, you’ll gain clients that have a mutual friend with you. They will feel more comfortable since they have seen your work and have heard great things about you and the two of you will have an icebreaker. Additional client appreciation discounts are birthday or anniversary discounts. Give a client a free or discounted fill when he or she has been with you for a year, or, if your booking system tracks birthdays, you can offer a discount on his or her birthday, too!



8) Make Their Appointment About Them

While we grow to love our clients, and some of them even turn into lifelong friends, they are still paying for a service. Make sure to make their appointments about them. It can be tempting to unload your personal life onto clients, but they aren’t our therapists. We can be theirs, though! It can be easy to forget that our work is their “me” time. If your client wants to relax or sleep through the appointment, let them! If your client is a talker, that’s fine, too—as long as they aren’t fluttering and you’re able to focus, of course.

Your clientele will grow and stay steady if you put in the effort to create an experience for each and every client. Give them a reason to choose you and to stay with you! Happy Lashing!


Shelby Tarleton | Lash Affair Trainer | @pinkladylash


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