How to Market Your Lash Business on Pinterest

Whether you are a certified lash artist or a budding “lashprenuer,” you are always on the lookout for ways to get the word out about your company. While you have an active Facebook and Instagram page, you have not set up a Pinterest account yet and are wondering if it is worth the time.

To answer this question: Yes, it really is.

To say that Pinterest has a massive reach is probably one of the understatements of the year. Since being founded in March, 2010, Pinterest has soared to having 250 active monthly users and 3 billion-plus Pinterest boards. In addition, women (who are probably your target audience) dominate Pinterest, notes — nearly 45 percent of all women online use the website, compared to 17 percent of guys online. If you are looking for a great marketing strategy for your lash business, Pinterest should definitely be part of the plan. notes that Pinterest users also have some serious buying power — half make 50K or more a year and 40 percent have a household income of $100,000-plus.

If you are ready to take the Pinterest plunge and get the positive power of this social media site behind your lash business, check out the following steps on how to get started:

How to Set up Pinterest for a Business Account

HootSuite offers user-friendly tips on how to use Pinterest to market your lash business. Start by creating a Pinterest for business account; on the site there’s a spot to click “Join as a Business.” Enter in the required info and then click “Create Account.” Next, complete your profile including uploading a profile photo and fill in the About You section. Choose an image that represents your business, add, and and confirm your website. 

Next, Start Creating Boards

Once you have your business account set up on Pinterest, it’s time to get busy creating boards. The Help Center on Pinterest is a great place to start — it explains in plain English how to add, edit, or delete a board. The Pins and Boards section is also an invaluable resource and offers advice on how to manage your boards.

When naming your boards, think of a descriptive name with a maximum of 20 characters so it will not be cut off; for example, Lovely Lashes. If you are using keywords, consider adding them to your board title. Then, enter in a clear description of what you’ll save to your board and choose the best category.

Upload Your Best Extension Photos, and Separate Them by Style

You probably have a number of amazing photos of the lash extension work that you have done. Now is the time to upload them to your new Pinterest board! Hairs the Bling offers great advice on how to promote your salon on the social media site — for instance, rather than a general confusing collage of photos, separate them into different styles.

Be Active, and Additional Tips on Pinning

Once you have your board set up, don't just sit on your laurels —  it's important to stay active on Pinterest. In general, it's recommended that you pin something at least once per day during peak times, which are usually evenings and the weekends.

If you're creating Pins to go along with an upcoming holiday season, however, start posting them about 45 days in advance. Since Pinterest is all about visuals, it's important to use the best possible photos. Take into account lighting, composition, as well as making sure the photo is in focus. As previously mentioned, Pinterest is a rich source of tips and advice; for example, in the Content Tips section, they advise thinking like your audience when creating new Pins. For instance, do your customers want to know about new looks, sales, new products, and/or all of the above? In addition, when people click on your Pin, they will want to learn more about it, so be sure that the pin includes a link to your website and/or salon contact info so they can easily reach you.

Have Fun with Your Pinterest Board, and Enjoy Those New Customers!

Clearly, Pinterest has a phenomenal reach and is an outstanding tool for a hard-working lashpreneur like yourself. And, as a bonus, the social media site itself is chock full of helpful instructions to get your business board off the ground, as are other articles on the Internet. If you are looking for more words of wisdom about how to grow your online presence and social media strategies, check out the blog titled Attract More Clients with a Strong Online Presence, and enjoy getting to know your new customers!

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