How to Embrace Moving to a New City by Yourself

New city, new you! Whether due to foreseen or unforeseen circumstances, it doesn't matter, change can be difficult. Lash artists are a resilient breed though. They can make something beautiful out of very little. A life change can't scare a lash artist...right?!

Nevertheless, Change is Scary

It's a challenge, especially when you're considering moving to a new place on your own, but that's what makes it exciting. Leaving behind your comfort zones, starting a new job, and seeking a new beginning. Amanda Christian, yoga instructor, adventurer, and contributor to Tiny Buddha, responds to the fear of the unknown by encouraging others to follow their excitement and let it overpower their fear. 

Ask yourself, what excites me about the idea of moving? It can be as small as finding a favorite local cafe, to the excitement of completing the next step to achieve your lash dreams. When fear starts to creep in, simply change your perspective and focus on the thrills of getting a fresh start. Here are some tips to equip you for your new journey.

Finding a New Home

Most solo transplants typically rent first during relocation. The first step is to zero in on where you want to live; for example, if you move to New York City, you'll choose a borough and neighborhood. If you go to Phoenix, you could look in a city like Tempe or Scottsdale. Research, using sites like Zillow or Craigslist, the area that would best represent you, align with your lifestyle, and meet your budget. There are plenty of blog features on different neighborhoods from local papers and publications to make sure that you find the right fit.

Loneliness Survival

Once you've moved and settled in, it's time to make friends! Making friends in adulthood, though, can be as easy as the dating scene—which is not very easy at all. The Bumble BFF app can quickly connect you with others also on the search for friendship., an online community offering groups in thousands of cities is another excellent resource. Like-minded people can join book clubs,  events like hiking, concerts, dodgeball and so much more. Join local lash forums on Facebook, like Lash Extensions 101, to meet some fellow lash artists and stay up to date with your local lash gang.

Make friends worth fistpumping with the Bumble BFF App

Embrace Independance

Moving to a new city alone is a bold move. In fact, it's quite liberating. During the adjustment period, the extra "me time" and even the feeling of being lost may become your new norm. Living solo is something to embrace though! You can take yourself out on a date to a movie, dinner by yourself at a trendy restaurant, or even enjoy a drink at the bar as the independent woman you are! Learning to enjoy your own company can be exhilarating. It builds confidence and leads to self-discovery. Embrace it!

Your New City is Yours to Explore

Check out these apps for exploring your own city!

Discovering the heart and soul of your city is all part of the adventure. Even aimlessly strolling charming city streets can feel empowering, and you never know what amazing thing you'll stumble upon or whom you may meet.

Let your interests and passions be your guide. 

Curbed offers a list of the best apps for exploring cities for those who like running, biking, comedy, music or local hidden gems. As a newbie, seek out to discover what is it about your city that makes it so unique and special. Eventually, you'll find your favorite spots and this new city will start to feel more and more like home.

As life throws you some curveballs, just remember, you're a lash artist, which means that you're capable of surprising and wondrous things! Nothing will change that for you. As always, the team at Lash Affair is here to help you be successful wherever your lash journey takes you. Contact us anytime!

Abby Terlecki
Marketing & Media Copywriter | Olympian Weightlifter | Outdoor Explorer

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