Implement a Rewards Program at Your Salon to Show Gratitude

As a rock star salon owner, you’re probably aware of how much it costs to obtain new clients. From pay-per-click advertising to marketing dollars spent in community publications, getting the word out can add up quickly.

When you focus on retaining loyal clients, you don’t just get the value of that business without having to spend marketing and advertising budget to gain it. You also can build a relationship with that client that turns into word-of-mouth referrals, plus positive online sentiment through social media mentions, review site commentary and more. Considering that reviews from family and friends are often the most trusted form of advertising, followed by consumer opinions posted online, you can see why genuine appreciation from your current clients is a valuable focus for your time.

One way to improve customer loyalty? Offer them a rewards program they’ll love. Showing gratitude, and giving thanks for devoted clients is a winning situation for all involved. Psychology Today reports showing gratitude can even improve moods and health, which is a bonus for your staff. 

Make your loyalty program simple, easy and, most important, valuable to keep your salon on top of mind next time the clients needs a service. Use these tips to get started.

Show Appreciation When Your Clients Share the Love 

One way to keep clients engaged with your brand is to create a points-based system that incentivizes them to use more of your products and share the word about your brand. Today’s clients expect and prefer some type of loyalty system, with Nielsen reporting that 84 percent of shoppers are more likely to select retailers that offer a clients loyalty program. Lash Affair has a successful system that gives clients, like you, points toward free cash for products, just for making everyday purchases for your salon or spa. If you have not signed up already, you can sign-up easily by clicking the Rewards Program button on the lower right-hand corner of the screen. 

You can get a $5 off coupon for every 500 points they earn, and points are awarded for taking actions such as referring a friend, sharing the website on Facebook, and creating orders. Signing up for Lash Affair's free rewards program alone gives you 50 points to get started (and any friend who is referred gets 100 bonus points), and you can even earn bonus points on your birthday. Earning points makes purchasing from and spreading the word about a brand more fun, and bonus points for a special event like a birthday is a thoughtful reward.

Personalize Rewards

Personalization can make a significant impact on how loyal clients are and have a noticeable influence on purchasing. This is evidenced by Walgreens’ Balance Rewards loyalty program, which offers rewards to clients that are based on their past purchases and actions they have taken with the brand. The retailer claims personalization is the key to the program’s success, and you can apply that principle to your own business by making clients feel more special with every interaction.

Take these cues:

  • Offer rewards based on past purchase history, so the products are more likely to be embraced
  • Offer thanks and rewards based on the amount of time someone has been a client with your spa or salon
  • Offer rewards based on actions taken, such as the referral of new clients to your salon or spa
  • Remind clients of their membership in the program by pointing out what level they’ve reached in the rewards program and what steps they need to take to advance to the next award level
  • Recognize birthdays and special holidays your clients may be celebrating based on their consultation form
  • Address clients by name in every rewards interaction to deepen the relationship

Even the age group of your clients may warrant individualized messaging. The more individualized your messaging offers, and rewards are, the more likely that your program will resonate with your clients. 

Be genuine when you offer thanks through your rewards program. Your most loyal clients are the ones who play a significant role in sustaining your company. By learning what they want and delivering it in thoughtful ways, your business shows an authentic interest in your clients who can help bring you more clients through positive word of mouth.

Nicki Escudero            
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