Celebrate International Women’s Day


Today, we honor the beautiful combination of culture, emotions, intelligence, humor, and sparkle that YOU are! We want to say thank you for making the world what it is - without women, we wouldn’t be here. Lash Affair wants to give you a little background on International Women’s Day and a strong AF group of entrepreneurial women who have come together to support and mentor many other entrepreneurial women!


A Little Background On This Day

International Women’s Day goes back much farther than many people realize! The day was first recognized in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark on March 19, 1911 to celebrate women’s equality worldwide. During this time women were pushing for equality in all areas of life - work, school, voting, and so much more! Finally, in 1975 International Women’s Day was celebrated by the United Nations for the first time. Throughout the years there have been different themes promoting women, and the greater good for humanity, to provide better futures for all. Over the past century, there have been significant improvements made in society for women in the workplace, politics, and many more fields.

This is a day to reflect on women’s accomplishments, and most importantly YOUR accomplishments. Look at how far you have come in the past months and years, cheers to you, sis! If you’re interested in learning more about International Women’s Day, the history, and events throughout the world check out their website here.


Female Founder Collective

Female Founder Collective is one of our favorite companies that helps to support the growth of female-founded businesses. Co-Founded by Rebecca Minkoff, Female Founder Collective has partnered with Project Entrepreneur to help these entrepreneurial women take their business to the next level. This association of women strives to empower and connect women of all industries. Our own founder, Jenelle Paris, has been selected to be a member of this community to help other women grow their business. Her passion for not only this company, but this industry inspires us and thousands of others, daily. Bringing together this amazing community of women helps us to remember everyone is stronger when they work together. 

Jenelle’s resilient, hilarious, and down to earth vibe is one that attracts many. If you meet her in person, she’s almost more interested in seeing pictures of your dogs than of your wall of framed lash certifications. (Although those are cool, too!) As the people who work for Lash Affair, we cannot thank her enough for the ability to work for a company with such high standards and expectations, that also feels like you’re working with your best buds. She has created an unmatchable vibe at Lash Affair that will never expire. We love you, J! We’re celebrating you today. 



If you’re interested in learning more about Rebecca Minkoff’s journey as an entrepreneur and why she co-founded Female Founder Collective watch her interview with Goldman Sachs below. Believe us - you’ll watch the entire video!


Celebrate Women

We hope that you go out and spend the day celebrating women’s achievements - and your own achievements. Since today is International Women’s Day, Lash Affair has decided to give you 15% OFF your entire purchase. Use code WOMENSDAY at checkout. We can’t wait to see the successful career that you continue to build for yourself!



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