June Lash Artist of the Month Spotlight- Natasha Gallier

Natasha Gallier

Lash Affair's June LAM


Instagram name: @tashslashes_bhm

Best way to connect with you: Through my facebook page: Tash's Lashes, Beauty, Hair & Make-up 

Where do you work? Tash's Lashes, Beauty, Hair & Make-up 

How long have you been lashing? 5 years starting November 2017

What certifications do you have? Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Cert II Nail Technology, Cert II Makeup Services, ITEC level 2&3, Cert II Hairdressing from Australian College of Beauty Therapy | Hair Extensions from Kinky Hair Extensions | Classic Lashes from Lashout! Lashes | Volume Lashes from Lash Sublime | Mega Volume from Indulge Lashes


Describe your first experience with lash extensions? 

I completed my diploma of beauty therapy back in '08 and started working in a beauty salon. A few years later I saw some of the girls doing lash extensions on clients. After seeing the results firsthand, I thought, 'I'd really like to try that!' I've always been into the more artistic jobs that offer creative freedom, so doing lashes seemed like a no brainer. 

I finally persuaded my manager to teach me, and I have been lashing ever since!

What is your favorite thing about being a lash artist?

I love seeing the immediate results! The smiles on my clients' faces and those texts you get saying how in love they are with them make all my hard work worth it! My clients are so loving and supportive! The love goes both ways though. I love showing my appreciation for them and their support.

Do you work for someone or own your own business? 

I have my own business and am lucky enough to work from home. 

How do you like it? What’s your favorite aspect of your job? 

I love it!! I can start and finish clients when I like, although, I usually end up going over my scheduled times because I love to please my clients! I like knowing that when I start a family, I can still be working from home. Plus, being my own boss means I can do what's best for me, without worrying about stepping on anyone's toes. 

Who are some of your inspirations? 

Loreta Jasilionyte, I first came across Loreta on Instagram with her volume fanning videos and started copying them! She is the one who got me interested in volume from the beginning before I did my course to perfect my skills. 

Kelly Storer, one of the most supportive people I know!! Always there for her students and anyone else who needs help. 24/7, 100%, she is amazing!! 

Joanna StaniulKyra Danelle, & Sophia Nuckles, their work is incredible!! And this week I had the pleasure of meeting Joanna, and I will be meeting Loreta on Monday! Can't wait!

How did you hear about Lash Affair? 

I can't remember when exactly but I found the Lash Affair page through Instagram. It must have come up on my search feed, and I remember thinking, 'wow' to all the posts, amazing work coming from all around the world! I was so excited to be chosen as their Lash Artist of the Month!

Tasha's Glow in the Dark set for lash competition

Tasha's Volume set that won Lash Affair LAM for June!

Tasha's Mermaid set for a fantasy lash competition

What’s next for you? 

Next week I will be taking part in the UK's biggest eyelash extension competition at Lash Battle London! I just did my first live competition in Worcester, UK and took home 1st place in 2/3D volume, 3rd place in mega volume and 3rd place in the lash lift! Also with the online categories - 1st place in Lash Art and 3rd with 'Kim K' styling! I'm excited to continue to grow and master my skills by participating in the competitions with so much talent!

Great content from another great artist that's keeping standards high in our industry. If you would like a chance to be featured on our blog, don't forget to enter the next Lash Artist of the Month competition for July 2017 starting June 28th and ending April 31th! To enter make sure to follow us on Instagram at @lashaffairbyjp. Look for the LAM photo and follow the instructions in the description! Good luck and happy lashing!

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