Lash Artist Spotlight: Kristen Wade

Lash Artist of the Month NOV 2017

Meet Kristen Wade of Lashes by Kristen Ann in Florida! She is our November Lash Artist of the Month. An award that goes to a worthy lash artist practicing great technique and producing amazing work!

What's your story?

I was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida – and wouldn’t have it any other way! I love South Florida and all it has to offer. I worked as a paralegal for five years before discovering that my real passion is lash artistry. I attended an evening esthetics program at Palm Beach State College followed by an introductory mentorship with a local lash artist. Craving more education, I sought out and attended several of the top eyelash extension training courses in the world. When I’m not lashing, I’m soaking up every precious minute of free-time with my 6-month old daughter and making memories with my husband. I’m still trying to find that perfect balance between work and family life, but I’ll get there.

How did you get into lashing?

I was working at a law firm as a paralegal for five years and would always tell my lash artist that I wasn’t happy with my career choice. I found a position in a new law firm thinking that it would give me a change of scenery and maybe I would all of a sudden love what I was doing – I was wrong. One day, my lash artist mentioned that I should learn to lash; I laughed, "GIRL, I need a salary!" A few days later I found myself looking into what was required to do eyelash extensions in Florida and ended up enrolling in an esthetics program, thinking that it would be a good plan B. After obtaining my license, I attended my first lash certification course and was practicing my lash skills every chance I got. When I finally felt comfortable accepting clients, I found myself working all day at the law firm, and lashing during evenings and weekends. My husband ( fiancé at the time) said: “Hey, I miss you – pick one career, you can’t do both!”  CLEARLYYYY lashes won! There has not been a day that has gone by since resigning from my paralegal position that I have regretted my decision.

What do you like about owning your own business?

I knew coming into this industry that I wouldn’t have it any other way! I have always been the take charge type, so entrepreneurship came naturally to me. I love that I can create my schedule – working as much (more often the case) or as little as I’d like. 

Do you edit your photos?

YESSSSS! As a courtesy to my clients, I always edit my photos to make their skin look as flawless as possible, but NEVER TOUCH THE LASHES!  Most of my clients come into their lash appointment makeup-free so, I feel that it's only appropriate that I give them airbrushed skin before posting a picture of them on social media – I mean, come on!

What's your fav Lash Affair Product?

I would DIE without my Lash Affair Perfect Fit Tweezers. Like, literally; not even kidding! When I first started volume lashing, I was on the hunt for the perfect tweezers (you know you’ve been there). I purchased at least 15 different pairs of tweezers before I found these.  When I finally had that ah-hah moment, I decided I needed 4 more pairs of them – you know, just in case.

What advice would you give to a fellow lash artist?

I always keep a professional/friendly relationship with my clients.  In this industry, it is so easy to become SUPER familiar with your clients and lose touch with those professional boundaries.  I’m not saying that you should cut off all personal connection – just, don’t share ALLL the deets. My clients have been with me through some of the most critical times in my life: my wedding, having a baby, purchasing my first home… So, of course, they want to talk about those things, and I enjoy telling them!  I have found that perfect balance between “tell me more about what you want to do with your lashes today” and “omg, my daughter just got her first tooth!”

What's next for you?

I’ve reached the point in my career that I’m ready for some significant changes. I’m still trying to decide which direction I want to take my career, but I’ve learned just to trust the timing of everything and to know that whatever life brings, it will be amazing.

Great content from another great artist that's keeping standards high in our industry. If you would like a chance to be featured on our blog, don't forget to enter the next Lash Artist of the Month competition for December 2017 starting December 29th and ending December 31st! To enter make sure to follow us on Instagram at  @lashaffairbyjp. Look for the LAM photo and follow the instructions in the description! Good luck and happy lashing!

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