LAM Spotlight | Kyra Danelle

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Best way to connect with you?

Facebook- Lashes by Kyra Danelle

How long have you been lashing? Just over 3 years.

What certifications do you have? 

Classic Lash Certification- Perth College of Beauty Therapy | Volume eyelash extension certification- Indulge Lashes 

Do you have a certain style you prefer or lean towards? 

  I do a lot of classic sets with a Doll-eye structure.  


What's your story?

I live in Perth, Western Australia. The majority of my family live in Perth too, which is great to have them so close. I recently got married, so my life for the last year has been lashes and wedding planning. Best year ever!!  I haven't always been in the beauty industry. I was a dancer for most of my life. I started ballet when I was 3 and went full time from 13yrs-18yrs old. I even had to homeschool at the ballet company studios as we were training 38 hours a week. I found my love for flamenco,  a Spanish style of dancing, so at 18 years old, I went to Spain and London and did flamenco summer school courses. I got accepted into a school in Madrid, but I was so homesick and couldn't live away from my family any longer. There aren't a lot of opportunities for flamenco dancers in Perth, so it's just a hobby for me now. I always wanted to work for myself but found it daunting so I went from job to job but couldn't find anything I loved as much as dancing. I've always been interested in doing makeup and shaping brows, but nothing called out to me as much eyelash extensions did. It has been perfect for me, I love how meticulous it is and the fact that not everyone can do it. As a dancer, you need to be a perfectionist who has discipline and patience. I think those qualities are also what's required to be a great lash artist. 

Dancing takes discipline and patience just like doing lash extensions

What was your first experience with Lashes?

Omg, it was horrible!!! Silly me, I knew nothing about lash extensions at the time, so I hadn't done any research and just went to a nail salon where they advertised a full set for $30. You get what you pay for ladies!! They were so badly clumped and adhered to my skin that it took a qualified technician 3 HOURS to remove them! I only had a few little stubby natural lashes left on each eye, and my eyelids were so swollen. Long story short, I had to wear strip lashes for three months until my natural lashes grew back and believe it or not, I was brave enough to get them again. I just did my research this time about where to go and they were fab! 


What's Your Favorite thing about being a lash artist?

Definitely seeing your clients reaction when they first look at their lashes. It makes me so happy to see their faces light up and they just radiate confidence. The second would have to be brushing through a perfectly finished full set with a spooly brush. Haha, so satisfying! 


WHat got you into Lashing?

It was that first dodgy set of eyelash extensions I got done! It was honestly like a light bulb moment.. the thought of meticulously applying individual lash extensions and giving girls big beautiful lashes, as a result, seemed like something I would enjoy doing all day, every day.


What Advice would you give a new lash artist?

Okay, so I could list so many little lash pointers, but I'll go in a different direction with this question. Don't compare your work to other lash technicians. Of course, admire and aspire, but don't get down on yourself if you feel your work isn't as good as others. Everyone has their style and technique and are at different levels so just put that energy into improving and perfecting your little techniques and do it at your own pace. 

What's the best way you've found to attain and retain clients?

Never cut corners and never get lazy with your sets. If you put as much effort into your client's 50th refill as you did on their very first set, they will never leave you. The client's natural lash health is my number one priority, so they have full trust in me to always look after them at each refill.  

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