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Meet Michelle, from Little Mich in Woodbridge, Ontario. She is our December 2017 Lash Artist of the Month. She's been lashing just over a year and has already found success. She's been certified in classic lashes and has taken 2 volume courses, as well as a lash lift course. We got to chat with her about her business, what she has learned so far, and what advice she has for other artists. This is what she shared. 

What is your story?

I was born in Toronto, Ontario, but I’ve practically lived in Woodbridge my entire life. I grew up heavily indulged with art at a young age and continued discovering my passion in the arts till I was about 17 years old. My mother convinced me that I wouldn’t be able to provide for a family if I continued with the arts, so I ended up going into business, and I majored in Hospitality and Tourism Management, with a minor in Human Resources. While I was working my way towards my human resource career, I decided to take a classic training course out of curiosity because I felt like her work was pure ART–and I felt like lashes might be a good opportunity for me. After I found myself struggling with balancing both jobs, I decided to take a leap of faith and quit my HR job to continue lashing full-time. It was the most significant decision of my life, as I was able to play volleyball again without restrictions–I found balance!

What was your first experience of lashes?

It’s kind of funny how I’m doing lashes now because in high school, I talked poorly about the idea of getting lash extensions. The only reason is that the first time I ever had them done was at a nail salon. It took about an hour for my classic full set, and after I opened my eyes—it was so irritating and painful. I felt like the lashes were poking me right, left and center! BLINKING was painful, and I tried not to blink so imagine how crazy I looked. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I came back to get them removed. When I was getting them removed, she was using a Q-tip and was rubbing my lashes onto my skin so hard that my under-eye bags had red marks. It felt like my under eye bags were continually getting pinched! I couldn’t take the pain, so I went out to get coconut oil and put my eyes under steam to remove them—WHICH TOOK FOREVER! So please do your research and check their portfolio before booking! My excuse was that I was too young to know any better! Ha! I'm still embarrassed.

What was your biggest fear going into this industry?

My biggest fear was not satisfying clients coming in. I had no idea what to expect! I mean, I guess we are our own worst critics! I eventually gained the confidence in my work after such positive reactions! This one time, my client’s husband came to purchase four refills because his wife’s newly found confidence was life changing! It was such a heart-fluttering moment. My next biggest fear was to give someone pink eye, so I strive to have my workstation clean and sanitized for each client!!!

Do you edit or filter your photos? What’s your favorite app for pics?

Yesss! I think it’s very important to edit your photos. However, the biggest mistake is to OVER-EDIT! I’ve had girls message me asking how I got a huge following and it’s honestly just posting clear photos/videos. When I go check out their page, it’s mostly filled with OVER filtered photos to the point where I wouldn’t be able to see their lash work. I like to use Makeup Plus or Beautycam to lightly smooth out part of the face which achieves that airbrush finish. My favorite thing to do is to brighten the photo because it enhances the eyes right away! My advice is to try not to use filters because it may make the lashes look darker/lighter than they are! The last thing you want to do is to post super edited photos, and after your done with your clients, they are disappointed because they don't look like your pictures. You never want to be misleading.

What’s next for you?

I would like to take one or two more advanced volume courses so I can eventually offer mega-volume and to improve my current volume work. Another goal this year is to complete a classic training manual which I can use to start training others. I’ve had an overwhelming demand of girls asking for my guidance. Once my training is set, I’d like to learn and offer semi-permanent makeup services like microblading eventually

What advice would you give a new lash artist?

I find that a lot of girls nowadays want to become a lash technician because they think it’s easy and the money is great. No, no, no! It’s not that easy! There are a lot of things to take into consideration when getting into this field. I think patience and passion are key. I’d hate to see girls get into this field just because they want to make tons of money QUICK. And no, I’m not hating on your hustle, but to be SUCCESSFUL you need to be patient, and the money will come raining in later. Quite often, girls don’t spend enough time creating beautiful sets, but instead, they butcher a set and then charge a high fee. When starting off, I recommend taking as many models (ie. Friends and family) and working on your technique. After the technique, you should focus on the shape that best enhances your client’s eyes. Remember to take photos of your work! Once you feel comfortable, then start posting and offering the service. As you get better and better, consider educating yourself more and then raise your prices!

Awesome advice from another artist raising the bar in the industry! If you have more questions or want to connect with Michelle, you can follow her @bylittlemich on Instagram or email her at

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