LAM Spotlight: Saba Higareda

Lash Artist of the Month  


JULY 2017

Name: Saba Higareda

Best way to connect with you: On Instagram,

Where do you work? I rent a room at Little Lash Lounge in Rocklin, CA

How long have you been lashing? Since September 2016

What certifications do you have? Classic Certification from Aesthetics Pro, Volume Certification from Lash Affair

What is your story?

I was born and raised in Northern California. Growing up my family always stayed active with camping, traveling, getting together with friends, etc. I've always had interest in things that were artistic but also required discipline and attention to detail. For example, I danced ballet for many years and also loved sketching realism. I liked these things because they are artistic expressions that also required you to be very precise. I think this is the same reason why I was drawn to eyelash extensions! After high school, I got my esthetician license and started working right away. In the last nine years, I’ve worked in many areas of esthetics like laser treatments, makeup, waxing, facials, and now eyelash extensions! Also in the last nine years, I have had the privilege to travel to some amazing places around the world. Traveling is another passion of mine! In 2013 I got married to my wonderful husband Sergio and moved to Maui where I took a short break from esthetician work. Now I'm back in California and have started my own business doing eyelash extensions which has been such a rewarding adventure! 

How did you hear about Lash Affair?

I first discovered Lash Affair on Instagram while I was researching lash brands, deciding what brand I would want to use on my clients. I would go through lash photos and every time I came across a set of lashes I thought were pretty I would see what brand of lashes the artist used. Most of the time when I would see what brand my favorite sets were made from it was Lash Affair! So I knew from the start that I wanted to work with Lash Affair products.

What’s your fav Lash Affair Product?

Double Date Tweezers! I use these for isolating lashes on every one of my clients. I never lash without them. I am excited to try the new Size Matters Tweezers. I have a feeling these will become my new favorite soon ;)

What got you into lashing? 

When I first started working as an esthetician in 2008, I noticed that some of my clients would come in wearing eyelash extensions. Something about lashes always interested me so much. Anytime I had a client wearing lashes I would ask them questions about the process, how they liked wearing the lashes, etc. Lashes were stuck in my mind as something I wanted to pursue one day. Finally, a few years ago I decided that I wanted to work for myself as an esthetician doing lashes. So, being the perfectionist that I am, I started researching everything on the internet that I could find about eyelash extensions. I looked up every YouTube video, read lash reviews, followed lash Instagrams, looked up different lash brand web sites...You could say I got a little carried away ;)

But only because I wanted to be absolutely sure that investing my time and career into lashes was the right move. So after about a year and a half of researching lashes and coming up with a business plan, I signed up for my first lash class! 

Do you like having your own business?

I love having my own business! I rent a super cute room in Rocklin, CA. Working for myself allows me to work the hours that I want to work and organize my day and services in a way that fits me best. 

Visit Lashes and Waxing by Saba online!

What advice would you give a new lash artist? Or what advice would you give yourself at that time now that you are on the other side?

Don’t give up! No matter how much I tried to prepare myself, there were still many times when I would question if I had made the right choice in pursuing lashes. At times learning to lash can be discouraging, but eventually with practice it gets much better! I still tell myself this as I venture more into learning volume lashing. All the hard work is worth it when you start creating beautiful sets and see how excited your clients are when they open their eyes and see their lashes for the first time! 

What has this industry done for you?

Becoming a Lash Artist has given me the chance to take something I love and turn it into a career. I am so happy that I pursued lashes and I’m excited for where it will take me in the years to come!

Great content from another great artist that's keeping standards high in our industry. If you would like a chance to be featured on our blog, don't forget to enter the next Lash Artist of the Month competition for August 2017 starting August 28th and ending August 31th! To enter make sure to follow us on Instagram at @lashaffairbyjp. Look for the LAM photo and follow the instructions in the description! Good luck and happy lashing!

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