Lash Artist Of The Month: Sarah Rubiso


IG: @lashingwithsarah

Escondido, CA

"I have found that when I take my time and really focus on each lash, my work becomes more of an art form and I appreciate it so much more."

Congratulations to Sarah Rubiso, our Lash Artist of the Month! We got to chat with her to learn more about her lash journey and what she loves the most about being a lash artist. We hope her journey will inspire you and, perhaps, give you a tip or two to integrate into your own lash career or business!

1. What is your story?


I was born in Bakersfield, California but was raised in Chandler, Arizona pretty much my whole life. I have a very creative family, most of them have a musical or artistic background. I have always leaned towards the more creative hobbies.  I started with band, then theater, then culinary arts and finally ended with getting my cosmetology license. I did hair and makeup in Arizona for over two years before moving to San Diego, California with my husband Adrian. I had my cousin Brittany (@browsandarrows) do my lashes for the Marine Corps Ball and I loved them so much I begged her to teach me!

I’m so fortunate she took me under her wing and helped me find my true passion in life, lashes! 

2. Do you work for someone or own your own business? 

I actually just started renting a space and started my own business in October! It’s still very new but I love it! One of my favorite things about owning your own business is that you are responsible for all success and/or failure. Yes, it can be very scary or intimidating but I’ve found that more times than not that means I’m onto something really great.

3. Do you edit or filter photos? What is your favorite app for pics?  

Yes, I do edit my photos. I like to use the Facetune App to smooth the skin a little, maybe conceal a blemish or make a client's eye color pop a little more.

I obviously never edit a lash line because I wouldn’t want to have a client come in asking for something I cannot replicate.

4. What has this industry done for you? 

This industry has allowed me to get paid for doing something I love! That in itself is so huge. I can wake up every morning and still provide for my family but also feel like I’m serving my purpose. This industry has also allowed me to have a flexible schedule so I can take a long weekend to go visit family or chaperone my preschooler's field trips. But underneath all of that, there is a great network of strong lash bosses that (nine times out of ten) would love to help you succeed! I have many relationships with talented lash artists all over the San Diego area that have only helped me craft my skill. I have nothing but love for our industry.  

5. What advice would you give a new lash artist? Or what advice would you give yourself at that time now that you are on the other side?

My advice for a new lash artist or for myself in the past would be to take your time! Learn the right way first and go from there. Shortcuts or little tips and tricks can come later once you have established the basics of lashing. I remember when I first started lashing I kept comparing myself to others with speed or overall end result and you just cannot do that to yourself. Most of the great lash artists on Instagram have had years of experience.

So, start with a great lash education and practice, practice, practice! I have found that when I take my time and really focus on each lash, my work becomes more of an art form and I appreciate it so much more.

6. What made you want to rep Lash Affair?

I have used Lash Affair since the day I started lashing. Once I went out on my own I did try multiple other brands but always kept coming back to Lash Affair. I love the quality of all Lash Affair products and the brand ambassadors and L.A. team members I have come into contact with. It’s one big happy lash family!

7. What is your favorite Lash Affair product?

My favorite Lash Affair product is hands down Clear Connection Adhesive. I honestly don’t know how I survived without it before! It works great with the humidity levels in San Diego, I have great retention, and it dries at just the speed I need. My runner ups would be the TLC Lash Cleanser that I use on every client before each fill and the Couture Collection Lashes because they are dark, soft wonder-fullness! 

Want to see more beautiful work from Sarah? Connect with her on Instagram @LASHINGWITHSARAH!

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