Lash Artist Spotlight: Aurélie Longuet

Meet Aurélie, she is our January 2018 Lash Artist of the Month and our first one from France! We got to chat with her to learn more about her lash journey and what sets her apart from other artists in the industry. We hope you will be able to learn from her and possibly integrate some of her tips into your own career or business!

What certifications do you have?

I have three Misencil's certificates for eyelash extensions: 

Level 1 - Classic training

Level 2 - Star and Misentech training

Level 3 - Russian volume training

I also have an Atelier du Sourcil's certificate for lash lifts. 

What is your story?

I’m 28 years old. My mother is French and my father is Cambodian. I am the oldest sibling out of 6!

Before I got into lashing, I had a mix of different jobs and even started going to law school! My full-time passion is lashes though, so I've transitioned to doing that and I love it. 

I work in Paris out of my home studio and have been doing lashes full time, for a little over a year.

How do feel about having your own business doing lashes?

I love my job. I organize my schedule with my clients and work on the communication of my brand. I always try to improve my skills and adapt my work to every eye shape. Most of all, I enjoy the human and personal contact I have with my clients. I get to meet great people every day! 

What got you into lashing?

I’ve been getting lash extensions for the past 5 to 6 years. At first, I got into lashing just for the fun of it, and then realized I loved it. It clicked with me right away.

I trained on my girlfriends for about 2 months before working on clients and they gave me good feedback, so I thought “Why not make it my job?”

What was your biggest fear going into this industry?

None! I’ve always been very positive and motivated.

How did you hear about Lash Affair?

I’ve been following the brand since I started lashing as it is a renowned international leader in the industry. 

Aurélie's winning photo submission

What sets you apart from other lash artists?

I demand a lot from myself and I think my clients know that, so it reassures them that they are getting the best!

I never check the time I spend with a client, my goal is to give her a perfect set of eyelashes. 

I don’t hesitate to invest in quality products either. 

I also really love my clients and always try and stay in touch with them. We talk about lashes and so much more! 

Do you have a certain style you prefer or lean towards?

My clients mainly ask for a natural look. The lash extensions should bring out and amplify the eye without looking fake. I prefer using volume rather than length. I love a matte finish on the lashes I use as well. 

What the best way you’ve found to attain and retain your clients?

I try to offer the best quality at all time and make sure I think of everything: good communication, quality products, the comfort of my clients, and follow-ups. 

I never pressure a client to get eyelash extensions. They have the right to take their time before they make up their mind. 

I always listen to my clients’ expectations. But I never hesitate to refuse a job if they want an effect that might damage their natural lashes. 

Quality and safety first and foremost!

Want to see more beautiful work from Aurélie? Connect with her on Instagram @lescilsdaur, Facebook at Les Cils d'Aur, or check out her website

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