Lash Artist Spotlight on Melissa Rudolphi

Meet Melissa

Instagram: @Melissa_atlash

Tucson, AZ

Melissa has been lashing for 7 years and is the owner of At Lash in Tucson, AZ.

We had the opportunity to chat with her to learn more about her lash journey and what she loves most about being a lash artist and business owner. We hope you will be able to learn from her and possibly integrate some of her tips into your own career or business!

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What is your story?

I was born in Minnesota and moved to Arizona in 1983. I have 2 siblings and I’m the baby! I’ve been into beauty as long as I can remember. I used to watch my mom's best friend do her makeup and I was mesmerized by it. I worked in the restaurant/bar industry through my 20’s and early 30’s and went to beauty school somewhere in between. When I found lash extensions that was it! Within 3 months of opening At Lash, I was fully booked! In 2015, I opened Lash Studio with my sister/partner which was a dream I had for a long time! I became an educator in 2017 and loved every minute of it, but at the end of the day decided that I wanted to be at home with my family and my studio. I recently took a PhiBrows course and am currently working on my certification for that. I love continued education, learning new things,  and growing. I have an incredible man in my life. He is a great support system and he happens to have the sweetest 8-year-old boy who adore! I love dinners and dates with my love, FaceTiming my sister, traveling, and watching Hallmark Christmas movies! I’m a huge fan of being cozy with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine and if I’m at the cabin while doing that, even better!

What keeps you inspired as a lash artist and business owner?

Continued education! If I’m not learning or growing, I can start to feel stagnant. Seeing things from a different perspective can change everything for you. I also enjoy sharing new information and techniques with my clients. 

What is your favorite aspect of being a business owner?

I love walking through the door every day. It’s gorgeous, totally our style. My sister and I have both worked so hard to get everything we have! Women come to me to feel better about themselves and that's important to me. I’ve met some amazing inspiring women and cultivated some wonderful friendships.

Why did you get into training?

The reason I decided to train is that I wanted to help artists understand all the intricate details of lashing. I struggled at the beginning of my career with the lack of information and I’ve learned so much along the way. I absolutely love talking about the business aspect of it as well. I get fired up talking about booking, charging and cancellations and how to handle those things!

What's the best way that you attract and retain clientele?

Customer service! It’s everything. Being professional, explaining how full sets and fills work, what your policies are so there is no confusion, using high-quality products, respecting clients time and offering extras such as a beautiful and clean space, snacks, and refreshments, a relaxing atmosphere, and talent. If someone is choosing to come to spend their hard earned money at my studio, I’m going to give them the best service they can get.

Do you edit your lash photos? What's your favorite app for editing?

ABSOLUTELY! I use Facetune and Perfect 365 to remove blemishes, veins, random hairs and soften some skin but I NEVER touch the lashes! It’s really ok to filter ladies. Just don’t over filter! We all have certain themes we want to stick with on our IG and it’s your page so do what you want with it!

What advice would you give to a new lash artist?

Stop taking advice from people who aren’t educated in the lash world. If you want the right information about lash extensions, learn from the best in the business. It’s worth every penny to invest in proper education. Don’t compare your lash journey to someone else. You’re not them and they are not you. It takes me longer than the average person for things to click. It’s just the way it is and I accept it but I’ve stopped comparing my work, speed, and style to others. 

How did you hear about Lash Affair? What’s your favorite Lash Affair Product and why?

I’ve seen Lash Affair on IG for a while and have ordered products here and there. I met and chatted with Jenelle at the IBS show last June. She’s incredible, funny, full of energy, and an all-around boss! I respect her immensely. My favorite Lash Affair product is The Couture Collection! Hands down my favorite lashes. So easy to fan, black, sleek and just sexy! When I tried those couture lashes out, I fell in love.

What’s next for you?

Brows!!! Stay tuned!

Want to see more beautiful work from Melissa? Connect with her on Instagram @Melissa_atlash!

To enter make sure to follow us on Instagram at @lashaffairbyjp. Look for the LAM photo and follow the instructions in the description! Good luck and happy lashing!

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