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February 1, 2019 // Lash Affair

Your fellow artists and you are in a group text thread and someone asks everyone to, “Comment an emoji that truly speaks to your love of lashes.” So, there you are, scrolling through every emoji ever. You thought maybe the classic heart eyes would show your excited and passionate side….nah. There’s the creepy eye emoji, suppose that’s about as close to a set of lashes the emoji keyboard has. You slump back in your chair feeling defeated and thinking, there’s no way you can express your deep love of lashes.

Then, you see the lash artist next to you texting a fan, then a full set of lashes. Oh my gosh, is that a Clear Connection adhesive emoji?!?

Could it really be someone actually made an emoji keyboard for lash lovers? You search the App Store to see for yourself, and you realize it’s true! Lash Affair by J. Paris has elevated the industry once again by giving the lash community a method of communication all their own.

It’s official! The forever-long wait for an emoji pack with lashes is finally over!

If you follow us on Instagram @lashaffairbyjp, (which you should be!) you may have seen a little Lash Emojis easter egg here and there in some of our post and story designs.

Now...they’re all yours. And here is exactly what you have to do to get them!


STEP 1:  Download the app from the app store here.

STEP 2:  Register with your email to create an account on the app.

STEP 3: The installation process. Click install and your phone settings will open up form the app.

STEP 4: Go to “General” and click “Keyboard.”

STEP 5: Click “Keyboards,” then, “Add New Keyboard.”

STEP 6: Select the “Lash Emojis” option and close out of your settings.

STEP 7: Go send a text using the emojis and check out the Lash Affair sticker pack that comes with it!

Visual learners, this one’s for you! 

Check out this video we made on how to install the Lash Emoji app. 

Prefer an image? We made one of those too!   

Here’s a step-by-step graphic from our Pinterest page showing you how to install the app. Click to view the process. 

Lash emojis in action

Text Your Friends

If you both have downloaded the app, you can share Lash Emojis back and forth endlessly! The emojis are perfect for client-lash artist conversation too. As of now, the Emoji App is compatible with iPhones only. Be on the lookout Android users, we’re working on breaking ground in the Google Play Store too!

Instagram Stories

You can add the emojis to your Instagram stories and stretch them to add to your design. Please note that both people need to have the app in order to see the emojis. The same goes for adding emojis on social media, like Facebook and Instagram. However, the sticker pack can be seen by everyone! 

Use For Instagram Question Feature

Ask your followers anything using the Question Feature on Instagram. Add in some Lash Emojis to make it more understandable and provide some visual imagery! There's even a selection of emojis in the pack that represent travel and fashion too if you're asking something to your followers who aren't necessarily in the lash industry!

Leave a review:

Reviews are so important! We would love to hear you feedback on the app store. If the app gets enough attention, Apple might consider adding it to the regular emoji keyboard!

Download the Emoji App to connect with your friends in a new, beautifully lashey, way! 

Already have the app? Send it to a friend so they can get in on the fun too! Screenshot your conversations and tag us on Instagram or Facebook with #lashaffairbyjparis and we’ll repost!

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