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If you’re looking for an easier way to lash, then look no further. Lash Affair’s Lash Map™ Stickers save you time and add variety to your design repertoire. Our Lash Map Stickers come in eight different designs to be exact!

Lash Affair took the eight most popular looks requested by clients and laid them out on easy-to-use stickers that fit perfectly over your Bio-Gel Eye Pads. Instead of having to draw out a custom design every time for every client, now all you have to do is pick the look you want and stick the map in place. By lessening the thought and energy it takes to get started on your service, you allow yourself more application time and your clients more lashes. This is a win-win for everyone involved because we all know the world is a better place with more lashes in it!

In addition to Lash Map Stickers being the ultimate time-saver, they keep your style fresh by helping you to avoid the repetitive rut that we all can fall into from time to time. With a variety specific designs to choose from, you can create flawless looks that your clients will love and rave about. Happy clients always mean better business which is an added bonus of these fantastic stickers.

The best thing about Lash Map Stickers is they are pretty much foolproof. Just select the curl that best fits your client’s natural lash curvature and follow the mapped out lengths. You can do any of the designs using any curl. Lash Map Stickers guarantee precision, prevent the uneven application from one side to the other, and eliminate a poorly planned set that has no shape.

Generally speaking, Lash Map Stickers work for everybody. Every now and again, you may have a client who has shorter than average lashes and that’s OK! You can still follow the lash map progression. You’ll just have to bump the lengths up and down accordingly, which is a quick and easy.

Each of the eight Lash Map Sticker designs have 24 pairs so that you can do 192 clients with each pack! Lash Map Stickers include: 

-Cat Eye, deemed the most attractive looking eye with a sultry lift toward the outer corner

-Kardashian, a full, textured eye that alternates chunks of short and long lengths

-Natural, a beautiful, noticeable eye that looks full, but not too fake, with proper placement in the inner and outer corners.

-And More!

Do you still prefer sometimes to customize a set? Each pack includes a blank sheet to custom tailor your design! If you have a staple or signature design that you’d like us to consider adding to the pack, please email your idea to with the subject: LASH MAP STICKER DESIGN.

Remember, it’s important always to practice safe and proper lash application. Lash Map Stickers are to be used in conjunction with Bio-Gel Eye Pads and are never to be used on their own to secure lower lashes.

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  • Kee

    Is there an option to only get certain designs? I don’t use them all, mainly the natural, cat eye, open and Kardashian.

    Just curious. Thanks

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