How To Keep Your Friends & Social Life As A Lashpreneur

Meeting up with friends is like a dance. The idea is to leave work behind for the carefree good vibes; however, coordinating different schedules can get frustrating and plus, you have a strict commitment to your goals. You may cancel plans because you're taking on another client or deny invites to keep working late into the night. You've lost your social rhythm and choose to sit this one out — and then the next, and next. You lose your footing and you've fallen into a work routine that runs you ragged. 

Whether you're new to the lash game or a seasoned lashpreneur, participating in this dance is critical for your mental, emotional, and professional health. Here's why you should keep making moves and shake up your work routine with friends.



The entrepreneurial culture encourages the "hustle hard" mindset. Success comes with laser focus and relentless commitment; you have to rise and grind from morning until night if you want to build and grow a business, right?

Friendships often become a sacrifice as a result of this mantra, but abandoning friends can become a bigger loss than you bargained for. 



Friends bring joy and can serve as an emotional support system and motivation. Katie Burke, the local lead for NAACP in Northern California and Forbes contributor, sees meeting up with friends as a motivating reward, rather than a distraction. Knowing you're going to spend time with friends may just be what gets you through the day.

Your gang can also offer outside perspectives on your business endeavors and connect you to potential new clients. Meeting new people is an opportunity to practice interpersonal, networking, and marketing skills that can help build your clientele. As tempting as it can be to skip out on social events, it's important to give yourself permission to step away from the grind. Time with friends gives you a rejuvenating boost to conquer the next day and keep chasing that dream.


Friendship Decluttering

Call it the Marie Kondo effect — minimizing and removing the things in your life that no longer bring you joy. Marie Kondo, a tidying expert and Netflix phenomenon, believes in transforming homes into spaces of serenity and inspiration. And relationships are no different. Sometimes it's necessary to purge meaningless or toxic friendships. 

Assess your current relationships. Does a friend weigh you down? Or do they uplift and inspire you? Do you enjoy supporting and elevating them as well? Or have you just naturally grown or drifted apart? Remember, it's OK to say goodbye...

Suzanne Degges-White, PhD, a licensed counselor, and professor at Northern Illinois University, calls this a relationship cleanse: Let go of friends who interfere with you living your best life. It's not as easy to let go of friends as it is to toss out old clothing; however, your time is precious, and poor company just isn't worth it. 


Prioritizing Work & Personal Relationships

One of Kari Bristow's favorite things about being a lash artist is connections and friendships with amazing people. Kari says in her Lash Affair spotlight that she gets great satisfaction from helping women feel better. Like Kari, it's likely you'll develop bonds with clients and colleagues. Giving clients confidence or helping a fellow last artist overcome a challenge is rewarding. For artists who prefer to keep professional boundaries, make it a point to genuinely connect with clients during their appointments (rather than just going through the motions). Client connection supports your business, just as social engagements outside the salon enhance your wellbeing. Busy isn't always better. And a 24/7 hustle doesn't guarantee success, so avoid a damaging burnout by investing in others. 


Keep Your Connections Sacred

Strong connections are linked to better mental and emotional health, supporting your abilities to perform well in business too! 



Your plans don't have to be extravagant either; chat over an inexpensive cup of coffee, throw a casual, low-pressure gathering at your home, or meet up to work out. Bustle even suggests doing chores and being efficient together like meal prepping!

Evaluate your friendships for a moment. It takes more than making plans on the calendar to benefit from close relationships. It takes an understanding of how someone enhances your life (and vice versa). It takes an authentic appreciation and sincere commitment to cultivating a friendship in order to truly thrive in all areas of your life, including your career.  

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