Loving Your Adhesive in the Summer

Loving Your Adhesive in the Summer





As artists, you are only as good as your tools. This truth applies to painting, sculpting, and even lashes. If your adhesive is not working correctly, your eyelash extensions will not have a stable bond to the natural lash, and you will experience excessive and premature fall-out. Summertime can make managing your adhesive tough due to increased heat, extreme changes in humidity, and fluctuating A/C units. Follow these tips to make the most of your lash adhesive in the summer. 

1 | Buy in spring

Ordering at cooler times of the year will keep your package of adhesive from frying out in the sun. Even if you elect to do 1-day shipping, you can't ensure that the mail carrier is keeping your product at an even temperature at all times. That's why I will order in the spring and keep for summer. 

Adhesive is only good for 6 months from the manufacturing date. So to play it safe I order no more than 3 months in advance. Once your adhesive arrives, it can be safely stored, unopened in a cool, dark place. When you’re ready for a new bottle, you simply take it out pop it in your lil' Love Shack and go!

2 | Manage your delivery

If you DO need to place an order of adhesive in the summer, make sure to choose the fastest shipping option and that you will be at the location upon delivery. Letting the adhesive sit on your porch or in your mailbox can cause unnecessary temperature changes to the adhesive which will lead to instability. Route your adhesive to be mailed to your work or home whenever you’re actually going to be there. If you know you work Fridays and your order will be coming on Friday, have it delivered to your workplace rather than to your home and vice versa. 

3 | Track your humidity

Buy a hygrometer to read the relative humidity in your work area. You will want to know what the humidity is in your room at all times because high or low humidity can make the same adhesive perform differently. 

Knowing your humidity can help you choose between which adhesives to use for the best workability. Hopefully, you know that lash adhesive is made with cyanoacrylate, a clear acrylic resin that cures in the presence of moisture. High humidity adhesive, such as True Love, will dry slower to compensate for the amount of moisture in the air. Low humidity adhesive, such as The One, will dry faster so that the adhesive can set quicker even though the air has a lack of moisture.

If you don't keep a variety of adhesives in stock, you can play around with the amount of adhesive you use depending on the humidity levels of your space. For example, on high humidity days try dipping your extension in and out a little faster to get a bit more adhesive on the lash which will slow the curing process and vice versa for low humidity days. Keep in mind if you are using more adhesive you will have to hold the extension in place a little longer to make sure the bond is complete before letting go. Otherwise, you may get more stickies. 

4 | Store properly

Improper storage can ruin a great bottle of adhesive. Your adhesive should be stored upright in an airtight container, and kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. I recommend using the Love Shack which comes with a silica packet to wick away residual moisture. 

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You can also substitute rice for the silica packet which will have the same effect and help your bottles remain upright. Replace the rice or silica packet every couple of months.

5 | Stay fresh

The adhesive is best applied when fresh. To ensure your adhesive is always working at its best, toss out any opened bottles after a month and never keep longer than six weeks. Make sure to shake your adhesive bottle for one-two minutes at the beginning of your work day and 15-30 seconds between each drop. There are even products you can buy that will shake your adhesive for you to have proper consistency in your bottle at all times!

6 | Drop it like it's hot

The adhesive drop you are using begins to cure while you are working. You will see it start to develop a film on the edges, and if you’re not using a new drop every 15 minutes or so, you’re going to be grabbing more film than wet adhesive which will make your bonds weaker. Always remember to insert your lash extension into the adhesive at the freshest part (the middle), and never drag. Just pull slowly out of the insertion point and never tap off the excess. You’ll want to be sure your natural lash is 100% isolated before dipping the extension in the adhesive as the humidity in the room will be setting that adhesive on the extension as soon as it leaves the adhesive drop. Get a new drop every 15-20 min. If you notice the adhesive gets stringy that's a sign that it's been too long since your last drop. 

To get the perfect drop:

 1| Hold bottle upside down and let gravity do the work. 

2| Make sure to burp the adhesive by turning right side up and gently squeezing out any trapped air.

3| Wipe nozzle with lint free sponge and tighten cap.

7 | Cure the lashes

Nano Misters or nebulizers will produce an ultra-fine mist that allows a controlled amount of moisture to finish the curing process on a completed set of lashes. Wait one minute after the last lash is placed and make sure you have already checked for cross bonding or stickies before misting. Hold the mister about 12-18 inches away from the client's lashes. The added moisture to the general area will be enough; you don't need to spray the lashes directly. Spraying directly on the lashes can be too much moisture too soon for the new bonds, and will cause shock polymerization or blooming. Blooming is when you see a white/grayish frost over the base of the lash where the extension is bonded. Misting is not necessary if your relative humidity is over 55%. Use only distilled water in the chamber for misting. 

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Misting will allow your client to get their lashes wet sooner than the typical 24-48 hour period that we are so used to suggesting. Since we are all a little more oily at this time of year, washing the lashes within that 24 hour period can help protect those bonds against any oil.

8 | Emphasize aftercare

Remind your client to wash their lashes after swimming, working out, or being outside. Pools, lakes, and oceans all have oils and who knows what else is in that water. Sunscreen can also affect the bonds between the natural lash and extensions. Cleansing the lashes as soon as you’re back indoors will help preserve the lashes through the summer months. Use oil free sunscreen and remember to cleanse the lashes every single day to keep the oils and sweat at bay. 

These are great aftercare kits to sell to your clients!

If you follow these steps, your clients with love their lashes and you'll love your adhesive all summer long! We go even deeper into adhesive and cyanoacrylate in our classic and volume courses. If you are interested in checking out my upcoming courses, CLICK HERE or email me at Shelby@lashaffair.com. 

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