M is for M Curl

Meet the hottest trend of 2020. Okay, maybe not better than TikTok, but lash artists have been raving about M Curl. Here at Lash Affair, our team has been working hard and doing some serious quality control to make sure we develop the perfect curl. And. It’s. HERE!

M Curl has been all the rage from artists and clients alike by making cat eyes more dramatic, lifting lids, and transforming texture. We’re answering all your questions and more about the new curl.

How is M Curl different than other lash curls? 

Sister to the already popular L Curl, M Curl has a straight base for flush attachment and lifts up with more bend than L Curl. The curve of the D Curl is similar to the curve of the new M Curl. Does this all sound like algebra to you? Check out our curl chart below to see the difference!



Who is a good candidate for M Curl?

Pretty much everyone will look good with M Curl, but it will make the biggest difference for clients with straight lashes. The straight base will adhere to the straight lashes well. The only client M Curl may not work best on is anyone with downward-pointing lashes. Try using M Curl on a client with downturned eyes as the bend up will lift the end of the eye, but this curl won’t extend too far out like C and make the end of the eyes look droopy.




Can I use M Curl for Volume Lash Sets? 

Yes! M Curl is available in our luxury collection in a volume 0.07 tray. Volume M Curl will look great on anyone who wants the appearance of an overall face lift coupled with the drama of curly, voluminous lashes. 

More questions? We’re always here for you at 800.608.2420.



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