LA Nano Mister: One of the Finer Things in Life

With ultra-fine mist, this Nano Mister is the most desirable of all misters on the market. 

This stunner exudes nothing less than luxury encased with elegant, gold trim. Not only is the Lash Affair Nano the perfect accessory for the style-conscious lash artist, but it’s an application necessity for the business-savvy lash artists seeking exceptional retention every time.

The Lash Affair Nano is truly a lash’s best friend because the lash adhesive is attracted to water. For the adhesive to actually cure extensions and natural lashes together, it must solidify, and humidity helps it to do so. 

By using a Nano Mister at the end of every service, you expedite this process in a controlled environment. It's is a win/win for everyone involved. Your client doesn’t have to worry about getting their lashes wet within the first 24 hours, and you both can say good-bye to the threat of lash clumping. Clumpy lashes of the past happened because lash extensions would dry together at the hands of premature water exposure too soon after a lash appointment.


  • At the end of every service, misting should be your final step. Hold the Nano 12-24 inches away from your client’s lashes and mist. 
  • Wait 30 seconds to a couple of minutes for the adhesive to cure, and your lashes will be ready to make their statement to the world!


  • Cute, compact, and completely portable. Small and lightweight so no extra clunk in your trunk.
  •  USB chargeable. Power up easily and avoid the hassle of needing batteries.
  •  Ultra-fine mist offers the best molecular functionality without drenching the lashes and messing with your isolation.
  •  An eye-catching display piece for your spa room.
  •  As an added benefit, you can use the Nano to pamper clients during their service. It keeps them relaxed and comfortable so you can lash seamlessly. If you mist during the service, you can continue to lash, but wait a few minutes before brushing the lashes so you don’t run the risk of them sticking together.
  •  It’s the most luxurious and beautiful mister on the market. You work hard creating beautiful looks, so it’s important to enjoy the finer things in life while doing so.


  • Eye redness and irritation is less likely to occur with the use of a Nano Mister. The mist is fresh and gentle so it soothes clients, especially those who may have a slight sensitivity to the adhesive or other products used around their eyes.
  • Clients open their eyes revived and beautiful with lashes that are ready to go.
  • Not having to avoid water for 24 hours is key. It’s one less thing clients have to worry about. Avoiding water won't disrupt their day, and their lash extensions feel wonderfully effortless.

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