All jokes aside, we’ve got a serious issue on our hands, friends. We are blessed to live in an age where the answer to any question you could have is in your pocket. The way we absorb and share information is fast paced, and allows us to learn new things daily.

Our industry is growing quickly, and we firmly believe in the power of sharing information and helping each other out. Of course we want to add more lash artists to this dope industry, but the quality of artists being created should be a major concern. The ripple effect works wonders when it comes to sharing information. But when bad data is learned, it is then taught, and sends a ripple effect of bad data into our industry, and the effects can be so harmful. 



If we want the lash industry to last, and I’m sure we all do, it’s our job to stay informed about the potential hazards that we can face in our lash journeys. It’s truly alarming, the amount of people who don’t understand that lash adhesive coming into contact with a natural fiber (ie: cotton) could literally start a fire.

Why are we so busy picking apart one another’s choice of mapping, or other imperfections in our photos - yet we don’t talk about the topics that TRULY matter most? It might not be sexy or all that Instagrammable, but the fundamentals are all there for a reason- we shouldn’t be lashing without knowing them inside and out.



We get it, there is something enticing about finding the best priced class to learn a new skill. Just to get your feet wet, and make sure you love the craft, right? The problem with this, specifically in our industry, is that there are few educators qualified to give you all of the pieces of the puzzle that you need to be a high quality - and safe - lash artist.

Until we someday reach the point where lash education is regulated, this is something to be cautious of when choosing an educator or company to become certified through. Maybe your educator can help you nail your isolation, but didn’t have the info to share about all the different eye conditions and how to handle them. Perhaps the course you took taught you everything you need to know about shaping and design, but you still haven’t been taught the importance of wearing a face mask and magnifying glasses. If this is the case, or if you simply want to brush up on the fundamental details of lashing, we got you!



We’re proud to introduce the Lash Safety Course - a Lash Affair online certification that’s got your bases covered. In this course, we dive deep into the nitty gritty of the fundamentals, so when your client asks you, “are lash extensions safe?” you have the tools to let em’ know the real answers. We’re just out here, casually myth-busting adhesive safety/science and more, and we want YOU to be on the same page so you can join us and make a difference in this industry.

This course includes all the information and downloads you’d need to add the protection required to run your business safely. This course covers topics including: 

  • Anatomy of the eye 
  • Conditions and contraindications for services 
  • Sanitation
  • Adhesive safety
  • Everything you need to know to have a long and healthy career 
  • Actionable plans that will keep you from panicking in a scary situation




The first step to people taking the lash industry seriously is to know our sh*t. This starts by being well informed of the potential hazards and understanding the severity of the chemicals we are working with. Protect yourself and your clients in order to have the longest and healthiest lash career possible.

You can be the best lash artist in the world, but without practicing these fundamentals, your time in this incredible industry could be cut short. We hope this course adds as much value to your business as having a Lash Affair Safety Certification does. We can’t wait to see you have a long and successful career! 



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